The 4th of July holiday starts the heavy American travel season - and this year's is expected to be the busiest ever.  Like, in history.

On Friday, June 29, TSA projects to screen approximately 2.7 million passengers and crew. It's possible that TSA will set a new record for the busiest single day ever on this date.

I travel a bunch, initially for pleasure, then for business and now for both with my little ones. There are solid, proven ways to make your summer travel smoother.

Download the best apps now: On my first transcontinental flight as a teen, the only tech I had was maybe a Walkman. Today, you'll want to download all the best apps - not for entertainment, but for information.  I keep Amount Plus, DuoLingo, Hopper and TripIt on hand.

Get Global Entry: It's a little late if you're leaving, say, this weekend, but sign up for TSA Precheck or, ideally, Global Entry, which is like a TSA Precheck for the world. The TSA Precheck lines are generally faster and, better yet, you don't have to take off your shoes, remove all your items and other perks. Both TSA Precheck and Global Entry run $100 for five-year subscription.

Pack light: Your best bet is to roll your softer clothes, aim for carry-ons rather than dealing with check-in fees (and baggage claim waiting) and use the outside kiosk to check in rather than going in the lines inside. This classic infographic from Quill breaks down key strategies.

Consider lounges: They may seem fancy and out-of-reach, but lounge access can be had for free through high-end credit cards or even for about $40 for a day pass. The average airport lounge gives you snacks, drinks and quiet, while the nicer ones have full showers, restaurant buffets and concierge service.

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