There's a funny trap that happens with self-discovery: The more articulate we become, the easier we can justify our actions. It's a dangerous game, as more power means being able to explain away our flaws, mistakes and misdirection.  Our intention can blur.

Tony Robbins has a simple, quick and excellent way to cut through your ego and get straight to your most common roadblock.

Replace Your Concerns with This Word

According to Robbins, the foundation most of our problems is fear: Fear of commitment, fear of success, fear of being unloved and so on. Our issue is that fear carries different masks.

To paraphrase him, the most ambitious among us (I'm raising my hand!) say, "I'm anxious about my future". Others may say, "I'm nervous about my next paycheck" or "I'm worried about my relationship."

Robbins considers this another mask distancing us from our feelings. In reality, we are scared - we are fearing something. We just are dressing things up so that we feel better.

I think perfectionism is just fear in fancy shoes and a mink coat, pretending to be elegant when actually it's just terrified. 

What To Do With It

Tim Ferriss has an excellent system he showed at this year's TED Conference.

1. Define a bad thing that can happen as a result of your decision

2. Write down what action you can take to prevent that bad thing from happening in the first place

3. Lastly, determine what you can to do repair the situation if that bad thing happens anyway

It's not unlike the process I outline in my new book, The Ultimate Bite-Sized Entrepreneur: Ask yourself "Is it reversible?" Most of what we fear is based on exaggerated consequences and minimized rewards. Facing our demons can turn them into pet dragons that gently guide us into our next challenge.

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