It's one big reason: They know, if you are like most people, you aren't going to do anything with their plans. Most people will not follow through.

It's not money or opportunity

The big argument is often that Elon Musk has the resources to pull off trips to Mars, just as millionaire Tony Robbins can afford to implement his brilliant ideas. However, if you step back into their history, or that of nearly any modern entrepreneurial icon, you'll see that their modis operandi hasn't changed.

For instance, Elon Musk declared his fully electric car goal many years ago - and publicized it on the internet. You can read it now! He had just gotten some cash from the PayPal sale to eBay, but his acquisition money seemed small compared to big wigs in Silicon Valley. In other words, a significant number of other entrepreneurs had more resources to execute the same idea.

It's two simple things

Successful execution requires two things: Vision and drive. Vision allows you to see what strategy you need to implement to create the future you want. Drive gives you the focus you need to keep going when resources inevitably get challenged, from energy to money to people. It is the reason why there are countless rich people who do not challenge the status quo and fewer average income people who create wealth from their unique vision and drive.