Elon Musk is having some serious issues with alleged saboteurs, rising paranoia and slumping Tesla stock. We also can be confident that his businesses, or, at minimum, he will be fine.

The job website Kickresume has a great infographic showing all of Musk's so-called failures. It's pretty impressive, including getting kicked out of  his seminal role at PayPal during his honeymoon, his three major failed Space X rocket launches and numerous, significant hiccups in his Tesla line.

It is has less to do with Musk, though, and more to do with you. As we build businesses and create new paths, unexpected setbacks and challenges are guaranteed. If you aren't encountering obstacles, then you aren't creating anything new.

Fellow Inc. contributor Alyssa Satara recently shared Musk's take on failure:

Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating.

It also piggybacks on Alphabet X's head Astro Teller and his great TED talk on how the team has been so innovative:

We spend most of our time breaking things and trying to prove we are wrong... We have this interesting balance going: We allow our unchecked optimism to fuel our vision, but then we also harness the enthusiastic skepticism to breathe reality into those visions

Musk leans into these failures, which is why we can expect him to be around for a long, long time. The Kickresume infographic below highlights the low moments.

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