Living where you work is all the rage in Silicon Valley: Twitter headquarters took over a major block in San Francisco, as has Jack Dorsey's other company, Square, and Uber is expanding from San Francisco - across the bridge to the other popular city, Oakland. Techies once lived in a different place than their job. Now, they can practically go to work in their pajamas. And where they live is often the city.

Unfortunately, spending their entire lives in the city may be bad for their health and happiness. Business Insider has an interesting, if cheeky infographic showing all the ways urban areas can be detrimental to your wellbeing.

The points here range from directly measurable, like the level of pollution invading your body (ahem, Los Angeles), to existentially disturbing, like the callousness of urban crowds.

The underlying idea is that cities aren't the end all for your business or for your life. I launched my acquired app, Cuddlr, living in a Southern California town that wasn't Los Angeles. The key is to not assume location is the only factor that will make you successful - especially with the potential sacrifices you'll have to make to be in a major city.

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