I am the first to admit a love for Big Hairy Ambitious Goals (BHAG). Sometimes they get me to rarified places, like starting and selling a startup while being the primary caretaker of my first baby. And sometimes they have me crashing and burning before I even make it to the first mile marker - simply because I didn't actually create realistic measurements.

If you're like me, it's worth listening to this simple, effective productivity tip Tim Ferriss shared with Creative Live co-founder Chase Jarvis. It reminds me of my own one-item-on-my-to-do-list strategy: The easier you make your goals, the more likely you will have outstanding results in line with your BHAGs.

Ferriss talks about how IBM, once the most powerful computer company in America, gave its sales reps infamously low quotas - and still did amazing sales. The low quotas actually made the reps feel confident enough to start the cold calling and, with a win in their grasp, gave them the momentum to keep making calls after the initial quota was reached. It's worth watching the entire Tim Ferriss Creative Live interview.

It is relatively simple: Give yourself an absolutely achievable goal. Trust that when you reach that goal, you'll be motivated enough to go even further. You bypass any hesitation or paralysis from having too big of a goal to hit.

What bite-sized goal can you conquer today?