Booking business travel is trickier than ever as airlines charge more for previously included perks, purchasing one-ways is becoming cheaper than round trips, and other seismic changes. Luckily, the travel marketing engine Sojern is breaking down how to do your best booking.

The big takeaway? This winter, fly out Sunday and Monday, not Thursday and Friday.

According to Sojern's new travel report, only 9 percent of Americans are flying Sunday and Monday in December. A big 20 percent will leave on Thursday and 23 percent - nearly one out of four Americans - will be heading on Friday.

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Not only are crowds thinner on Sunday and Monday, but your wallet will be fatter: Flights will be cheaper at the end and the beginning of the week rather than the start of the weekend.

And there are particular cities that will be packed this winter, no matter when you fly out in the week. For North American travelers, the number one destination is Miami, followed by Vegas, Orlando, Cancun, New York, LA, Honolulu, London, San Juan and Mumbai.

Sojern has more insights in its free Q3 Global Travel Insights Report.