"Work hard" is such bland, blanket advice because the definition varies greatly depending on the person. Setting goals may be easy for you, but emotional intelligence a struggle. Where you have your challenges really depends on who you are and, in a broader sense, how you take in the world.

It is crucial to understand how you best learn information, as shown in the new infographic from NeoMam Studios. The flow chart gives several choices and, ultimately, shows you your learning preference.

There are five established learning styles: Visual, auditory, written, kinesthetic and multimodal. Kinesthetic learners have to do something to get it, while multimodal learners shift between different techniques.

Your learning preference likely had a direct impact on your career path. Years ago I learned I was kinesthetic, which allowed me to embrace the need to get my hands dirty. My entrepreneurial ventures, from self-publishing books to founding startups, stem not only from me seeing a need in the market, but from me needing to be directly involved to best understand a new business arena.

I look forward to hearing what you discover as your dominant learning style. More info is available at NeoMam Studios.

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