Email marketing can be one of the most effective and cheapest forms of digital marketing. However, that's only if you're able to use it correctly. 

Many people slap together a newsletter and push it out to their list without much thought. Then they wonder why their open rates are so low or why email campaigns just aren't converting to sales.

When it comes to marketing via email, the truth is you have to be surgical in your execution. That's not to say it has to be hard. In fact, email marketing can be quite easy once you have a solid understanding of what works.

Below are four simple (yet incredibly effective) tricks to get you started.

1. Compress your images.

One of the biggest conversion killers when it comes to email is including images that are massive in size. The more images in an email, the bigger the email size is. This leads to longer load times. And if your email doesn't load within two seconds, you can assume the recipient is moving on to the next email in their inbox. 

So, how do you make your email load lightening fast? Here are some quick tips...

  • Don't rely too heavily on images. Find a decent balance between text and graphics.
  • Use HTML and CSS to make the email look "snazzy" instead of just images.
  • If you want to use images, compress them as much as possible. Photoshop is the best answer for this but if you don't have access to it, TinyPNG and work well too. 

Regardless of whether you use images or not, try to make sure that your email comes in under 150kb.

2. Make sure your call to action is above the fold.

When it comes to marketing, your emails should be treated like mini landing pages. You want to get your point across as efficiently as possible and lead the recipient deeper into your funnel. That means you need to have an incredibly clear and well-defined call to action that is above the fold. Unfortunately, most people aren't going to scroll down to read your whole email. In fact, in most cases, you're lucky if they even open it. Because of this, you need to ensure your call to action is easily accessible on all devices. Remember that "above the fold" may be different on a mobile device versus a desktop due to the screen size.

3. Make the text big and short.

As mentioned above, you have very little time to capture the email recipients attention. If they need to spend more than five seconds trying to figure out what the purpose of the email is, it's more than likely you've lost their interest. Don't bog down your email with tons of text--make it short and sweet.

Go ahead and search your inbox for emails from big brands. Notice how they all follow a similar structure? Big text that explains the incentive, possibly a brief description, and a strong call to action that directs you back to their website. And all of this (or most of it) is first thing you see when the email is loaded. The key takeaway here is to get to the point as quickly as possible with your emails and you'll see conversions skyrocket. 

4. Use emojis in the subject line.

According to a report by Experian, 56% of brands using emoji in their email subject lines had a higher unique open rate. In my personal A/B tests, I've seen open rates increase over 10% when using emojis. 

Why does this happen? It all comes down to email fatigue. We are bombarded with emails every day. On average, we send and receive over 100 emails per day. To ensure we aren't spending all day in our inbox, we've taught ourselves to skim over email subject lines and pay attention to only ones that are important. So, when you see an emoji pop up in your inbox, we relate it to something we would receive from a friend (via text). This leads to an automatic positive association with the email and thus leads to higher open rates.