Is your team not working as efficiently or effectively as they should be? The truth is that the only way the members of your team are going to be working at 100% is if they truly have a connection with the other people around them. Having a connection means: greater communication, empathy when problems arise and a greater ability to work as a team.

The only way to form a lasting connection is through team bonding and this can be tough because, in an office environment, much of your time is spent simply working.

Team outings can be a great way to enable bonding among your team members or employees, reduce their stress levels and just give them the opportunity to learn about each other.

Here are five super effective team building activities your team should try...

1) Museum Hack

This isn't your typical museum tour. Museum Hack turns touring a museum into an adventure while also mixing in community-building activities like scavenger hunts, Q&A sessions, icebreakers, parties and more. Instead of trying to cram loads of information into one tour, the Museum Hack guides take you through various wings where they'll share immersive stories about the art, encourage your team to play games and make the museum experience enjoyable for everyone. Learning together in an environment like a museum creates a fun, shared experience that all of your team members can all relate to and reminisce about together.

2) Tough Mudder

If you're looking for a fresh, innovative way to strengthen your company culture, you may want to consider signing up the team for the Tough Mudder obstacle course challenge. What makes Tough Mudder unlike other races or physical challenges is that it emphasizes camaraderie and leadership through teamwork and problem-solving. To complete the race, your team has to work together to overcome some steep hurdles. When all is said and done, the race after-party serves as a great way to relax, reflect on your accomplishments and even have a drink together.

3) Laser Tag

Surprisingly, winning in Corporate America and winning at Laser Tag require the same skill sets: problem solving, decision making under pressure, effective communication and team trust. Not only will bringing the team out for a Laser Tag tournament help hone these skills, it will also be a fun, adrenaline-packed adventure.

4) Volunteering

Team building activities don't need to only benefit your team. In fact, they're even more effective if they benefit your team and others. Volunteering is a great way to do this. Here are some fun, easy-to-do volunteering ideas:

  • Visit and donate toys to a children's hospital
  • Help clean up a state park
  • Volunteer at a local animal shelter shelter
  • Serve food at a soup kitchen
  • Help build a home with Habitat for Humanity

Check out to find the right volunteering activities for your team.

5) Improv Workshop

Confidence and communication are important aspects of an effective team. One of the best ways to build on these skills is through an improv class. During the workshop, your team will learn how to make quick decisions, communicate effectively, and work together - all while roaring with laughter.