"What kind of dog would you be?"

"Where should you travel in the next year?"

"Which 'Game of Thrones' character are you?"

"If you were a piece of Halloween candy, what flavor would you be?"

Quizzes entice us through creativity and connectivity. Not only are they entertaining, lead-generation quizzes are also notably effective: Well-done quizzes can result in 50 percent-plus opt-in rates while the average online quiz is shared about 1,900 times, according to BuzzSumo. Once a user indulges in one of your quizzes and shares their contact information, your follow-up emails will enjoy more than 150 percent higher open rates than a traditional email.

The best part about creating pro-level lead generating quizzes today is that they're easier than ever to make thanks to software such as Interact (what I use for all of my clients). You can create any type of quiz, keep it on-brand, and even add it directly to your website in a matter of minutes.

Why are quizzes so cool?

Quizzes are popping up on websites everywhere - from Harvard University and the American Red Cross to Lush and the Gap. More and more organizations are recognizing the power of a good, interactive, and personalized quiz (and reaping the benefits of stronger email lists).

Well-designed lead-generation quizzes are the key to any successful email marketing strategy because they...

1. Add personalization to your marketing.

An interesting quiz gives users a chance to take a closer look at themselves, learn something new and further connect with your company. All of this makes it easy to customize and personalize your ongoing communications with this audience.

2. Connect you with people who are interested in your content.

Far from a list of random emails, leads generated through quizzes are qualified - these are people who have already told you they are interested in what you have to offer. In addition, when users share their quizzes on social media, you will further expand your reach.

3. Offer the option of segmentation.

You can easily add an email option that allows you to segment emails based on the results of your quiz. For example, if your quiz focuses on skin care challenges and concerns, you can use different email funnels to share specific product recommendations based on the quiz takers individual results. Quizzes lead to information, rather than a "one-size-fits-all" approach.

4. Enhance engagement for popular website or blog content.

Engagement is everything. When you add a quiz at the end of a blog post to test readers' skills and then encourage them to share the results on social media, you draw users further into the content, learn more about them and create stronger connection. Consumers want to be involved and engaged, and quizzes provide the ideal vehicle for doing so. You will also maximize your website and blog content.

5. Level up your typical digital content.

When you get creative with a quiz, you can create unique digital content that goes beyond the typical blog post or video. You can test the knowledge of your audience, link them to the product that fits their personality best, or give them better insight on themselves. Ultimately, a lead-generation quiz gives you the perfect opportunity to set yourself apart in the world of digital content.

Go ahead, give quizzes a chance.

Quizzes can take a lot of different forms. They can be knowledge-based, a means of repurposing popular content or focused on personality to better segment leads. It is easy to tie quizzes in with current events - holidays, movie premieres, world news or pop culture. Before you create a quiz, make sure you have studied your customers and potential customers to know what they are interested in, what they want and what they need. Then, develop a quiz with an eye-catching headline and a clear call-to-action, so you increase your fan base and your qualified email list.