We're entrepreneurs for a reason. First and foremost, because it's the only thing we can imagine ourselves doing. There is really no other option on the planet that could make us happier than creating our own path. But also, we're in it for the rewards--and I don't just mean financial.

While no one would ever claim that everyday is rainbows and butterflies as an entrepreneur, there are some incredible moments that we all live for. Simple moments that give us a burst of energy and remind us that there is nothing that we'd rather be doing.

Here are eight of those moments:

When someone makes a purchase

This really never gets old. No matter how big you--or your company--gets, there is no better feeling than when someone purchases your product or service. Some of us still have notifications set, which means we get a mini celebration every time a purchase is made.

When your name appears in the headlines

It really doesn't matter who writes about you, or in what context, getting press is a business aphrodisiac. It totally fires you up and gives you a sense that you're on top of the world. At least for that day.

The time the detractor (or skeptic) becomes a believer

In an ideal world, EVERYONE loves you and your product. In the real world, that will never happen. However, when you can convert someone from being a skeptic to a believer, it feels like you won a Presidential Debate.

When someone believes in what you do

In the time that I ran Wahooly, we had a fair amount of believers, starting with our users. They believed in us so much that it became akin to a cult. They rallied together and self defined themselves as Wahooligans. It was incredible.

Later on, believers invested money in us, partnered with us and accepted us into their accelerator. Someone buying into your version of the future is ... well, awesome.

When you can pay your own salary

Let's be honest, part of the reason we're entrepreneurs is because we can't imagine working for anyone else. That's incredibly hard to avoid when you can't pay your bills.

Whether it's your first paycheck, dividend or or three years in, when you realize that you don't need someone else to support you--you can't help but smile.

When you hire your first employee

When you're able to support someone else--helping them buy a house, pay their bills and support their own family, it's one of the greatest feelings imaginable.

Quitting your 'day job'

When I started my first company, I would spend my lunch hour each day in my car, making phone calls hoping they wouldn't go over my allotted break. Once I got home and got the kids to bed, I'd sometimes work until 4 A.M., having to get back to my 'day job' by 8 A.M. It was a pain in the ass.

I constantly looked forward to the day I could spend all of my time on my company. I mean, CONSTANTLY. The day I was able to quit was, hands down, one of the greatest days of my working career.

When someone tells you how great your product or service is

Getting validation from users/customers is not only validating, but extremely rewarding. Maybe it's a tweet or an email. It really doesn't matter the format, hearing that you're doing something that matters to them is one of the greatest motivators ever.

What are you favorite moments of being an entrepreneur?