There is something magical about the concept of, 'just doing'.

I read an interview last week about an online friend of mine by the name of Pieter Levels. Sometime last year he decided to commit to launching 12 startups in the span of 12 months. The project is still underway, but so far, he is on track to accomplish his goal. What he had said in his recent interview was that by deciding to launch (taking action), at least five new things emerged from each decision. And, each of those five things brought about five more ... and so on and so forth.

Levels goal was designed to help with his failure to launch anything he had previously built.

We can sometimes get stuck into this rut of perfection. Never wanting to complete any task because we're fearful that it wasn't enough. It would be disliked because it wasn't pretty enough. It wouldn't be used because it didn't have all of the features WE wanted. Or, it just wasn't good enough, because we didn't think it was.

Levels was getting sick of this mindset and set about to change it.

Perfection is a nasty rut, but it's not the only one.

About six years ago, my wife had come to me and said that she wanted to stay home with our kids full time. She had took the time to do a self-assessment and came away with an understanding that her passion was at home. She believed she was born to be a full-time mother and that our kids deserved that attention as much as we were capable of giving.

How could I argue? My wife found her calling, who was I not to support that. Plus, it just so happened that her calling would have such a positive impact on the well being of our family.

At the time, I was working full-time at a job that I had already spent too much time at ... and I knew was not where I wanted to be, or doing what I wanted to do.

However, with my wife staying home, we would become a singe-income family, in need of a stable income and good health insurance.

The problem with supporting my wife's passion was that I knew I wasn't living mine. By following hers, I had to give up my dreams--at least temporarily.

We made it work. A few years went by and I was getting more and more anxious about losing out on the chance to fulfill my passion and do what I understood to be my calling.

This is a point in life where I had the decision to stay on the path that wasn't meant to be or make a difference in my life and 'do something'.

In my particular case, I believed I was born and bred to be an entrepreneur. The reasons for that conclusion I'll cover in another post, but I knew that my place wasn't working for someone else. I was (and still am) certain of it.

In terms of what I was going to do was a constant evolution. I seem to have a new idea each day. And, everytime a new idea comes about, it seems like the best idea I've ever had.

The truth is, I couldn't possibly pursue everything I've come up with.

But, there was an idea I had a few years ago that I couldn't let go. It was literally all that I thought about.

This time however, rather than just sit on the idea, thinking about what it could become, I decided to get off my ass and 'do something'.

The funny thing was, once I started doing, things started happening. One action led to the next and before I knew it, I was living my dream as well. On my terms. What Levels said in his interview is exactly what I experienced as well.

The truth about 'taking action' is that once you start doing it, magical things happen. The thing is though, it's not magical at all, it's a result of just starting--and anyone is capable of doing it.

As of today, because of the decision I made on one single day, I'm now living my dream as well, at the same time, I'm supporting my wife and children, while she continues to live hers.