When I was about 7-years old, I remember walking my little red wagon down the street to the neighborhood garage sales. By the time I was done, I remember that wagon being filled to the brim with useless junk.

I ended up taking that wagon to the next neighborhood and setting up a lemonade stand. I was luring customers in with lemonade and upselling them with marked up merchandise I had just gotten at the garage sales.

This is my earliest memory of being an entrepreneur.

That title was foreign and didn't matter to me at the time. All that mattered was the enjoyment of the hustle and my desire to make money.

Just like everything in life, as we get older, we lose the innocence of our youth. We tend to forget what truly drives us and what made us enjoy doing what we do in the first place.

It's life. It's unavoidable. As an adult, you have responsibilities. Life is no longer in beta, and your decisions have greater meaning. We become more fearful, more jaded, more superficial. All of our dreams become drowned in doubt and pessimism.

Oftentimes I yearn for that youthful naiveté.

At 38-years-old, I now have children who are the age that I was when I first discovered my interest in the hustle. One of my sons, a twin 8-year-old, has that same fire I had at his age. I can see it in his soul, and it truly touches me.

I didn't teach this to him, nor have I pushed him in this direction. It's pure, and something that's ingrained in his being.

His eagerness, passion, and innocence have inspired me more than Tony Robbins could ever do. It's brought me back to my youth and reminded me to let go of doubts and negativity and just follow my path.

I'm not sure where he'll end up, or what will ultimately drive him forward in the future, but I have my hopes. For now, he's giving me more than he knows, and I'll take it.

What was your passion as a child? Are you living out that passion as an adult?