Women founders: We want to hear from you.

Inc. and Fast Company, publications on the forefront of covering the entrepreneurial experience, will for the second year join forces to conduct a comprehensive survey of women founders. To participate in our 2019 State of Women and Entrepreneurship Survey, please complete the below form. If you qualify, we'll email you a link to the survey to complete later in May.

If you are a female entrepreneur and would like to participate in the 2019 state of women in entrepreneurship survey, please fill out this form.

Last year's survey uncovered fascinating findings about these leaders and the companies they've launched--on everything from fundraising and mental health to the female founder experience in the wake of #MeToo.

We learned, for example, that women-founded companies tend to have greater representation of women in their workforces. Female founders more often have MBAs than their male counterparts. More than half of the 279 female entrepreneurs we jointly surveyed reported making more than their spouses or romantic partners.

We also learned that being the boss doesn't insulate women from bias and discrimination, or worse: More than half the women we surveyed reported cases of sexual harassment at work, often at the hands of subordinates. An astounding 22 percent of founders last year said they would consider running for public office.

Our 2019 survey aims to once again capture founders' experiences and opinions when it comes to financing, business culture, identity, politics, personal sacrifices, and more.

Inc. and Fast Company encourage all qualified female entrepreneurs to participate and have their voice heard. The results of the new 2019 survey will be featured in both magazines' October print issues and on Inc.com and fastcompany.com. Participants may choose to remain anonymous.

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