"Anyone can cook!" said Chef Auguste Gusteau in the Pixar movie, Ratatouille. He turned out to be correct. The movie's protagonist, Remy, a country rat turned sewer rat, eventually becomes the chef of a bistro.

In the same spirit, my motto is "anyone can teach online."

The one bar you need to pass is that you must have knowledge or skills that are valuable for others to learn.

Fourth graders, for example, know enough to teach second graders. They can't teach everything a second grader needs to know, but they can teach some important things. In fact some schools have a "buddy" system, where older children teach younger children to read.

Almost anybody has the opportunity to offer a course online, make a positive impact on their students' lives, and make a profit while doing so. I call this the Teach and Grow Rich opportunity.

Who Can Teach and Grow Rich?

In my experience working with thousands of aspiring educator entrepreneurs, I've seen four major kinds of course creators who succeed:

The Professionals

Course Creator Profile: The ProfessionalThey have acquired status in their field that translates into authority and income. They're recognized as leaders in their industries, charging a premium for their time and insights.

Typical examples are high-priced consultants, coaches, technicians, and speakers. Their expertise already generates a comfortable income, but they're trapped trading time for money... even if it is a lot of money!

They might yearn to take a sabbatical without a precipitous dip in income, or they might be dreaming of making their living without having to get on so many airplanes. Or maybe they just want to reach and impact more people than they can serve personally. The Teach and Grow Rich opportunity makes all of this possible.

The Journeymen

Course Creator Profile: JourneymanThey don't have the depth of experience that the Professionals do, but are in the trenches working in their respective fields. This knowledge and experience is valuable to others who want to learn.

Typical examples are consultants and coaches who are earlier in their careers, as well as "side hustlers" working on their business or passion project while holding a day job. They may not be at the top of their fields, but they know their stuff and have made money doing it, often for years.

Their challenge is to increase both their income and their impact. The Teach and Grow Rich opportunity is the path to doing both, by serving others who wish to learn what the Journeyman already knows.

The Experts

Course Creator Profile: ExpertThey have a deep passion for their field, making them recognized experts on the topic. That passion and expertise isn't necessarily linked to their work, though, nor is it necessarily producing an income.

Typical examples are university professors, researchers, authors, and bloggers--people who possess a deep passion and knowledge of their field, but whose income may not reflect their depth of expertise. They've been told that "if you do what you love, the money will follow," but so far it hasn't.

The Teach and Grow Rich opportunity is a scalable and sustainable way of changing that, once and for all.

The Insiders

Course Creator Profile: InsiderThey don't have the deep experience or credentials of the Experts, but rather a serious engagement with a field that gives them an inside view and perspective that newcomers lack, and would benefit from.

These are the hobbyists, enthusiasts and aficionados; not experts, but people who possess both the knowledge and the passion to help newcomers to a field take their first intrepid steps.

This is the fourth grader teaching the second grader-multiplying income and impact in the process through the Teach and Grow Rich opportunity. Often, when someone thinks of themselves as having nothing to teach, they later discover that they're an excellent Insider, with corresponding insights to share.

People who fit one of these four profiles of course creator can look forward to a great deal of success with the Teach and Grow Rich opportunity. Each of them will follow a slightly different path to success, but it is within all of their reach to attain it.