What's as educational as books and as mobile as music?

A podcast.

That's why it's a favorite medium for leaders who are always up and about. Listen to an episode while you're running, chillaxing in the tub, stuck in traffic, passing time in a flight, battling insomnia, doing chores... you get the idea.

And since five is the average number of podcasts people listen to every week, below are five recommended podcasts for busy leaders:

1. Tim Ferriss - The Tim Ferriss Show

Downloaded more than 70 million times, The Tim Ferriss Show is just about the top business podcast on iTunes. What makes it so popular? Ferriss interviews top performers in diverse fields and digs into the tactics, tools, and routines they use to succeed. Discover new performance hacks to try and "10x your hourly output."

Average running time: 2 hours

Most popular episodes:

2. Alex Blumberg and Lisa Chow - Startup

The current season of Startup tells the stories of different kinds of companies that are stuck and on the verge of either failing or embarking on a new beginning. Previously, Startup exposed the honest stories behind launching Gimlet Media (Season 1) and Dating Ring (Season 2). Whichever season you listen to, you'll get insights to apply in your own company or organization.

Average running time: 40 minutes

Most popular episodes:

3. Mitch Joel -  Six Pixels of Separation

No matter what type of organization you lead, you need to keep abreast of the digital world. Mitch Joel, president of digital agency Mirum and dubbed the "Rock Star of Digital Marketing," unpacks the complicated world of digital marketing, social media, and communication.

Average running time: 50 minutes

Most popular episodes:

4. Danny Iny - Business Reimagined

Yes, this is my podcast, and in each episode, I feature someone who's reimagining business in some way, shape, or form. Guests come from diverse industries, including fitness, productivity, entertainment, marketing, and entrepreneurship. We explore what shaped these innovations, how they impact you, and the practical steps you can take to implement the cutting-edge ideas that resonate with you.

Average running time: 30 minutes

Most popular episodes:

5. Jessica Abel - Out on the Wire

Why am I recommending a podcast by a comic book creator, artist, and scholar of narrative? Because all leaders are storytellers, and Abel shows you how to make great stories, step by step. Each episode gives insights on storytelling and ends with a challenge to help you execute what you just discovered. In workshop episodes, you'll discover how creative collaboration leads to outstanding narratives.

Average running time: 40 minutes

Most popular episodes:

Podcasts give you audio content on demand. You can subscribe to your favorites so you never miss a new episode, and download episodes to listen to when it's most convenient for you, even offline. You can listen on your smartphone, in the car, or on your computer. Some podcasts also provide downloadable transcripts.

In other words, you have no excuse for missing out on these podcasts. Give them a listen. You're sure to get insights and actionable advice that will make you a better leader.