To grow your business further and faster, you need to grow as a person and as an entrepreneur in three areas: strategy, execution, and mindset.

These form what I call the Success Triangle.

Each element is important. The absence of one means you'll struggle harder and longer and have limited results. Success lies at the intersection of these three.

Let's talk about each one.


You need to learn, understand, and internalize the correct strategies that will create success.

Without strategy, you'll end up with a lot of concerted effort and focused action... but on the wrong stuff. You either get no results whatsoever or very limited results.

But with a strong mindset and execution, you'll eventually find the correct strategy. So, while strategy is important, it's the least important of the three. Given enough time, execution, and the right attitude, strategy will take care of itself.

To master strategy, aim to achieve the following:

  • Offer-to-Market Fit - Align what you have with what people want.
  • Profitable Fulfillment - Once you've figured out what people want and aligned your offer with it, determine how you can deliver it profitably at scale.
  • Scalable Marketing - Reach more and more people and turn them into customers consistently, reliably, and profitably.


Execution refers to your ability to get things done.

Without execution, you're going to have lots of great ideas and insights, but no outcomes. You may know people who are brilliant and who seem to have the right answers, but who never seem to make any money or impact. That's because they may have the strategy and mindset, but they don't execute.

Most people think execution is just about working hard. "There's not a single winner on earth that took it easy," Gary Vaynernuck says.

Yes, it is about working, but it's also about working smart. To do that:

  • Identify the Bottleneck - Find the narrowest part of your business and "break" (unblock) it.
  • Administer the Minimum Effective Dose - Do the minimum work you need to do to clear the bottleneck.

Being effective at execution means always focusing on unblocking the bottleneck. Once you've cleared the biggest bottleneck in your business, it would have moved somewhere else. Address the next bottleneck and so on in a continuous cycle of improvement.


Mindset refers to your internal narrative. It goes deeper than positive thinking or the law of attraction.

Success comes from your behaviors. Behaviors come from your thinking. And your thinking comes from your belief of who you are, what you're capable of, and what you deserve.

Without mindset, you will sabotage your execution. You'll procrastinate, which delays execution. You'll second-guess your choice of strategies, which causes you to jump from one to another before you give anything a chance to bring results.

Addressing a mindset gap requires creating a new narrative around your sense of worthiness. Here are two exercises for that (credit to Dr. Srikumar Rao):

  • Take a piece of paper and complete the following sentence: "I am worthy of...." or "I deserve...." Go deep. Fill as many pages as you like. And repeat this as often as necessary, depending on how much of your narrative you have to rewrite.
  • Take another sheet of paper and write, "And the proof is...." Go through your day looking for things that happen, ways people interact with you, and experiences you have that support your claims of worthiness.

Feeling worthy isn't as simple as having confidence. It's how you see the world and your place in it on a very deep level. It builds on your upbringing, experiences, social context, and a whole lot more, to create a deeply baked worldview around what you believe you deserve.

The Surprising Success Hack

If you haven't yet achieved everything that matters to you, then you're falling short on at least one of these. There's no shame in that. We're all falling short, myself included.

If you want to level up your success and impact by leveling up these three areas of mindset, execution, and strategy, you need a hack. And that hack is community.

Instead of trying to change your behavior and narrative by sheer force of will, surround yourself with people who act and think the way you want to, where the base expectation of you will be higher. That way, you have the wind against your back rather than flying in your face.

Surrounded by the right community, you can improve your strategy, execution, and mindset fast.