Technology startup Mojiit has announced the closing of an angel funding round led by former National Football League and Baltimore Ravens player Ed Reed. Reed is part of an angel investment team of 5 investors who have together funded the company with $1 million.

Reed invested $250,000 in exchange for 5 points in the company, which was only created in May 2017. Mojiit founder Jeremy Greene says that he first made contact with Reed at a celebrity golf tournament and the two of them hit it off.

"All of my conversations seem to be in emojis," said Reed. "I'm thrilled to announce this new technology and to be able to push it forward and change the game with Jeremy and the team."

Mojiit's mission is to succeed as one of the industry's first companies to combine emojis with hologram technology. Its proprietary, patent pending platform enables technology users to project 3D hologram emojis via smartphones, choosing from a wide range of emoji styles with the ability to easily share with friends.

"I contacted Ed [Reed] and showed him the product," explains Greene as to how Reed became an investor in Mojiit. "I felt he was a good strategic partner, as the sports industry will be a very big play for us. Ed brings a lot of strategic play to the table: one, he can help us bring in a lot of NFL stars to help get licensing deals. Each sports player and celebrity will have their own custom packs of animations. Ed is also helping bringing a lot of top advertisers to the table."

Greene certainly feels as though sport is a major category to enhance Mojiit's ability to generate money and expects to broker licenses from the NFL, MLB and NBA in the future.

"Mojiit strives for users to be able to become their favorite basketball player or favorite football player," says Greene. "All avatars will be completely customizable; they will be able to wear their favorite football attire or NBA jerseys. Mojiit also plans to make exact replicas of their favorite sports stars."