Teague Egan blazed his own trail in college at the University of Southern California by starting an independent record label and taking his first recording artist, Sammy Adams, all the way up to the #1 spot on the iTunes hip-hop charts with his album "Boston's Boy." Egan was also the youngest ever certified agent by the National Football League Players Association ("NFLPA") by the age of twenty-two.

However, Egan the entrepreneur has experienced his fair share of ups and downs. He is still young at twenty-seven years of age, but no longer holds a certification with the NFLPA. At the end of 2010, the NFLPA revoked Egan's certification for violating numerous provisions of the union's regulations.

That one set back has not prevented Egan from continuing to push the boundaries in sports and entertainment. I recently caught up with Egan to find out more about what he is up to as he gets closer to the old age of thirty.

From entertainment to sports to technology.

Egan transitioned to focusing on technology when the NFLPA told him that he would no longer be permitted to represent NFL players. His business now focuses on two things: patented energyDNA technology -- the first ever graphene bi-component fiber that immensely increases circulation, and a shoe technology called Ellipses tech, which looks to assist in breaking the two hour marathon mark -- truly the last big barrier standing in the track and field world.

"Unfortunately a lot of people didn't want to see me succeed as a sports agent, and I inevitably failed with the walls crumbling down around me," said Egan very candidly. "However, being the person that I am, I got back up, and transitioned the company to a sports technology company."

Egan was able to use his resources and knowledge to pivot when the barrier to entry became insurmountable to destroy.

A twenty-seven year old serial investor.

"I love investing in startups, being an activist in helping young entrepreneurs, and seeing them grow and succeed the way I did," said Egan.

He has invested in more than twenty startups including smart, connected headphone manufacturer Muzik Headphones, mobile phone contacts app Humin, and real-time social media software platform Enplug.

How Egan has accomplished so much at such a young age.

Egan is certainly not the rags-to-riches type of story that we are all accustomed to hearing about. Instead, he learned a lot from his family and used their resources to become the entrepreneur he is today.

"My upbringing had everything to do with the person I am today," explained Egan. "My father was a serial entrepreneur, and I essentially learned everything from him. Although he had to travel a lot for his business, those thousands of family dinners and stories of work shaped me to strive or greatness in the entrepreneurial world. He inspired me to pave my own path, reach into the unknown, and try to make a difference in the world."

In Peter Thiel's book Zero to One, Thiel asks the question of new potential employees: "What important truth do very few people agree with you on?" Egan believes that is an incredible question to think about, because it leads to creativity and innovation.

"If everyone agrees, the world will stay stagnant," said Egan. "If few people agree, and in fact you know the truth, you have an opportunity to make the world a better place by bringing truth to the masses."

Egan is using his entrepreneurial spirit for philanthropic purposes.

Philanthropy is immensely more important to Egan than his accomplishments in the business world. His philanthropic efforts are associated with the Thomas E. Smith Foundation.

"Tom is one of my closest friends who has been paralyzed not only once in his life, but twice, both hockey related incidents," explained Egan. "First, back in 2010 in connection with our record label, we helped Tom create the Dance For Paralysis Division. People with paralysis can't dance, and we have raised approximately $50,000 per year towards helping people get back on their feet. Now we have shifted focused to what I am most proud of in my philanthropic career, the Reality Ride Challenge."

The Reality Ride Challenge is a 2,109 mile bike ride from Boston to Miami that Egan and Tom accomplished in roughly forty days in April 2015. They raised $100,000 for the Miami Project to help find a cure for paralysis.

Egan's next philanthropic event is called the Kindness Drive. He will be walking around the entire United States for 365 days, nine miles per day, totaling 3,250 miles. His drive in business bleeds through his passion in philanthropy. There is just no stopping Egan.

"Hating gets you nowhere; go out and make a difference," is Egan's one sentence for all of his haters.