Every industry has been taken through myriad changes during the technological revolution we are living in, and that unquestionably includes the health and fitness industry. Most developments in that industry have focused on data and metric mobile applications that track and analyze your workout performances, including the popular data play matched with equipment platform called Peloton, which has completely re-imagined the way many people use stationary bikes.

Now, a London-based company called TruBe is attempting to revolutionize the health and fitness industry, with a product that to some extent looks and feels like an Uber for users' personal wellness. Its main feature is allowing users to book a highly specific training programme any time and anywhere within the geographical locations in which the company operates.

Founder Daria Kantor launched TruBe 3 years ago, targeting busy professionals across London with the services of the city's top personal trainers, all made possible via an app, which is available on the App Store. Daria, who admits that she is a fitness fanatic, having played tennis professionally on the junior circuit, personally puts trainers through a vigorous approval process and decides whether they make the TruBe grade.

The aforementioned process is similar to how Uber sifts through its applicants and doesn't just let anyone with a car drive around passengers. Although, I'm sure that Daria would state that her approval process is much more intricate than that of Uber.

The trainers range from kickboxing heavyweight champions to professional ballet dancers, grueling HITT trainers to yoga gurus.

Daria has gone through the growing pains of being an entrepreneur, riding the waves of the ups and downs of starting a new business. She knows that now, 3 years into her venture, is the time where she must truly scale her app's usage in order to get the recognition she deserves. She is also riding the wave of female entrepreneurs who are now driving innovation across the globe and is a fervent believer of helping businesswomen pursue a healthy lifestyle and achieve work-life balance.

Daria's main challenge will be in expanding her app's usage beyond London's borders to other major cities in the United Kingdom and beyond. It will be a challenging process, as it is for any entrepreneur pushed to break artificial boundaries, but one Daria hopes will be worthwhile as she takes the next step to spreading her fitness goals further in the U.K. and perhaps eventually around the world.