JUST DO IT. It is a mark that is known throughout the world. When you hear the phrase, you almost immediately think of the brand Nike, which has used it in conjunction with marketing for decades.

I could discuss the power of having a strong tag line like JUST DO IT for any brand, but the subject of this article will be about something else -- the meaning of the phrase in the world of entrepreneurialism.

JUST DO IT is a decent phrase for an entrepreneur to use as inspiration. Doing is better than thinking about doing and never actually producing anything related to the idea. But my problem with JUST DO IT as a motivator for entrepreneurs is that it implies there is an IT . . . that you need to figure out what IT is before you DO.

Because of my belief that entrepreneurs should not wait to discover IT before they DO, I suggest a modification to the motivator. Instead of JUST DO IT, adopt the phrase JUST DO SOMETHING. Create a minimal viable product. The key is to create. As any entrepreneur will tell you, even failures should be celebrated because you will learn something new in the process.

JUST DO IT is a problem because it can breed a perfectionist spirit that inhibits creation. Too often, amazing ideas never become reality, because we don't execute. We think too hard about how to conceptualize the idea to perfection and never act. That is an unfortunate reality that entrepreneurs should always challenge themselves to correct.

I have an example of JUST DOING SOMETHING from my own life as an entrepreneur. On December 31, 2005, I had an idea to start a website on sports agency, covering the latest news in the industry and interviewing respected individuals who have crafted a profession as a sports agent. I could have plotted out every iteration of the project. It could have never been created. Instead, I unleashed what is now SportsAgentBlog.com.

It wasn't perfect and still requires constant updating and tweaking, but it has provided a strong service to many and a source of income and respect for me.

The bottom line is that you shouldn't fret about finding out what IT is, just do SOMETHING! Maybe you'll fail, but at least you'll learn in the process.