Jay Glazer is a rare breed of sports journalist/insider who has built a brand that reaches far beyond his profession. He has expanded his persona to be involved with startup gyms, philanthropies and even scored himself guest appearances on shows like the popular Ballers program on HBO.

But how did Jay become Jay? That's part of what we discussed during a recent conversation, highlighted below.

What do you believe makes you more of an entrepreneur than journalist or broadcaster?

Glazer: I don't think I'm more of an entrepreneur, but I realized long ago I didn't have to be restricted in my goals and dreams. I wasn't bound to ONLY do one or the other but instead felt I could do several things as long as they all had synergy and built each other up.

That's honestly the biggest key to branching out--make sure each avenue builds the others. My broadcast career has allowed me a greater reach for my charity Merging Vets & Players, "MVP," and my performance center Unbreakable.

Unbreakable has become somewhat of a production house where stars from sports, music and Hollywood all congregate and congruently houses our charity. Together, they build each other up and help expand my access for my broadcast and TV career. 

What lessons do you think others in the media space need to learn to make sure that they are staying on top on developing trends and best ensure a job in their professions in the future?

Glazer: The biggest advice I've relayed to reporters or insiders is: DON'T EVER EVER EVER BE WRONG!!! Too often, people are more eager to be first than right. I want my audience to always have faith in me that if I report it -- even if it sounds outlandish -- they can take it to the bank.

I have a three-source rule: I always have to get three independent sources before I run with it. As for athletes who start doing TV work, I tell them: don't make it harder than it has to be. We can sit in a bar all day long and talk sports. Have those same conversations and pretend the camera is the bartender or your friend. 

Why do you believe agents and GMs trust you and go to you to break stories?

Glazer: I think I've earned trust over the years because I go for the relationship not the scoop. If you burn someone over a scoop that's short-sighted and that line of communication will be gone forever. I've never burned anyone's trust, and I never will. 

How did the appearances with Ballers come about and what should we expect to see from you on TV shows like that in the future?

Glazer: I had a pre-existing relationship with Dwayne Johnson and executive producer Steve Levinson, so Ballers first came about with a guest appearance they thought was right for me. When I got on set, I was just my normal, crazy, hurricane self, messing with and tormenting The Rock and everyone else non-stop. 

I guess they liked it or just gave me more episodes to shut me up. Either one I'm good with. Doing Ballers was definitely one of those, "God how in the heck did I get HERE!?!," type of things.