Mobile esports platform Skillz has not only rode the wave of what is an extremely hot esports industry, but established itself as a market leader. With CEO Andrew Paradise in charge, Skillz has reached the No. 1 spot on the Inc. 5000 list and raised a lot of money on its path to success, with a recent Series C round coming in at $25 million.

Now, Skillz is coming out with some reported numbers that are sure to even impress those who are aware of the company's prominence and positioning on Inc.'s annual list.

Per the company, its run-rate has doubled in less than a year, coming in at $200 million. More than 500 million tournaments have been run on the platform, over 15 million Skillz players compete in 1 million tournaments per day and player engagement has increased to 63 minutes per day, which Skillz says is more than double the time spent by average mobile gamers.

Basically, Skillz is saying that its users are spending roughly 1/5 of the time an average consumers spends on his or her mobile device per day (recently calculated to be 5 hours).

Another important metric is that Skillz boasts approximately 8,000 developers creating games on its platform, which is up from 3,000 last year, essentially putting Skillz in a good spot to keep churning out fresh content and so as not to bore the consumer.

"We invested mobile esports in 2012 at a time when the term esports was virtually unknown even in the PC world," says Paradise. "Today, esports are a multi-billion dollar industry and mobile is the tip of the spear."

Paradise and his team are looking at what much larger companies like Amazon and Microsoft are doing in the space and are excited at the attention that is being paid to mobile gaming. For instance, Amazon recently announced the launch of real-world prize  platform GameOn that allows developers to easily build cross-platform competitions into their games and Microsoft acquired PlayFab in January, which is another service that enhances developers' ability to build, launch and grow cloud-connected games.