Cryptocurrencies and businesses built on and surrounding the blockchain are admittedly confusing. The industry surrounding cryptocurrency and blockchain is growing at an incredible pace; however, education and information surrounding same is not following the speed of growth and is certainly not spreading to a wide section of society.

Whenever there is a void there is also an opportunity for an innovator to fill the space with a desired good or service. Fortunately Extra Credit ICO is attempting to accomplish as a platform suitable for notices who want an introduction into the cryptocurrency world or experts who wish to sharpen their skills.

As is the case with many startups in this sector, Extra Credit has created its own currency in the form of XTRA tokens, which are awarded to students when they complete courses through the website or achieve good scores on the platform-hosted competitions. Likewise, contributors have the ability to earn XTRA tokens when they provide modules for students to attend.

Extra Credit notes that this is the year that marks a decade since a paper was submitted by Satoshi Nakamoto that ended up leading to the development of blockchain technology. While the technology has grown from obscurity to making headlines on almost every media entity's website and TV news program, firms are facing a real problem in finding qualified personnel who have the capacity to work on blockchain platforms. There are many job openings, and there will continue to be even more as the time goes on, but not enough people with the right skill set to fill the open spots.

So maybe Extra Credit can help serve as a platform to educate people to fill the positions. It hopes that it is able to incentivize those with relevant knowledge to contribute to its reservoir of educational services.

It is also conducting a pre-sale of its XTRA token, with roughly $70,000 raised thus far by contributors. A public sale ICO will follow.