Video Transcript

00:09 Dave Kerpen: The reality is that most entrepreneurs are way too busy to be sitting at their desk all day planning out their social media marketing. I get that, but you know what? There's good news. You don't need to use this laptop for your social media marketing because there's a great tool for you right here in your mobile phone. Mobile apps have come a long, long way, and now there's a lot of mobile apps you can use for your social media marketing.

00:36 Kerpen: The first app that comes to mind is Instagram, which is a pure mobile app. You can use Instagram to take pictures around the office, add a couple of filters, and share beautiful photos as if you are a professional photographer. For Facebook, Facebook has its own Facebook Pages app to manage your Facebook page from your mobile phone. With Twitter, there's lots of different mobile apps to use. Two of my favorites are HootSuite and Bufferapp that you can use to schedule tweets and manage your business Twitter accounts from your phone. Finally, Foursquare is a great mobile app that allows you to create specials if you have a retail location, and then consumers can also use the mobile app to check in and take advantage of those specials and get rewards.

01:22 Kerpen: Whichever mobile apps you use, remember, you don't have to worry too much about the computer in order to do social media marketing. You can do it all right from your phone.

Published on: Sep 27, 2013
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