Self-improvement is essential to success in business and in life. In fact, one of my personal and professional core values is "Always be improving." Last month I published an article called Turn Your Weakness Into Strength, showcasing how 14 young entrepreneurs are striving for improvement. Last week, Minda Zetlin condensed some of the most popular TED Talks into 5 key lessons. Here's Minda's article and 11 other articles you missed last week.

The 20 most popular TED talks ever are likely to make you question just about everything.

Likability is more teachable than you might think.

What you say makes all the difference--especially when you say these things.

Look to these five emerging startup hubs for opportunities to launch or expand internationally, so your reach can finally match your ambitions.

When things go really badly, it's good to have a few examples of people who turned it all around.

Business is all about whom you know. Fortunately, it's easier to get to know the right people than ever before.

High rents can cause small workspaces, driving some people crazy. Here's how to fix it.

Forming new habits can be hard, but there are plenty of ways to make the process more manageable.

To avoid another "Newton" moment, Apple must build and launch its car in Detroit.

You are a great person. A really nice one, actually. Great! Are you sure about that? You may be an oblivious jerk.

Remaining optimistic increases success in business and in life.

There are a few employees that become nearly indispensable to a business. Here are the reasons why.

Now it's your turn. Which article did you like most? Which ones did I miss? Tell me in the comments section below.