This week Marli Guzzetta published an article with the intention of shedding light on the unintentional downside of workplace perks. In the piece, Guzzetta explores five of the most common policy pitfalls and offers solutions to avoid falling prey to these traps. Here's 5 Work Perks That Are Also Traps and 11 others you may have missed this week.

1. How a 33-Year-Old Former Twitter Employee Has a 22-Year-Old Son
Early Twitter employee Claire Diaz-Ortiz discusses her phenomenal story.

2. 9 Weird Habits of Highly Successful Business Leaders
The most-successful leaders often do things their own way. Maybe you should too.

3. 5 Work Perks That Are Also Traps
When these well-intentioned policies go bad, they take good employees down with them.

4. 7 Traits of Founders Who Have True Grit
In a recent TED talk, psychologist Guy Winch advocates for closing "the gap between physical and psychological health."

5. 7 Stupid Mistakes Smart People Make
These are the most common ways smart people sabotage their careers and their lives.

6. Please Quit Saying These 11 Things You Really Don't Mean
Whether from habit or laziness or fear or pseudo-politeness, we all say things we don't really mean.

7. 8 Life-Changing Lessons You Can Learn in 3 Minutes From Ultra-Short TED Talks
If you've got 3 minutes you can learn what you need for success, how to start a movement-and a better way to tie your shoe.

8. 10 Tips on Giving a Killer Presentation
Here's how to stand out from the crowd when you're in front of the room.

9. 7 Quick Ways to Connect With Anybody
Grow your business (and enrich your life experience) with these seven simple questions that move conversations from chitchat into relationship building.

10. The 3 Secrets to Developing a Collaborative (and Productive) Team
Most people agree that collaboration is good for business, but some are unsure how to use it effectively. Here are a few suggestions to get your team started.

11. Why Your Overtime Expenses Are About to Skyrocket
The Department of Labor is expected to issue preliminary changes to overtime in June. Here's what to expect.

12. 6 Interview Questions You Must Ask if You Want to Hire the Best People
Toss the canned interview questions and try these instead.

Now it's your turn. Which of these articles did you like? Which did I miss? Tell me in the comments section below.

Published on: Jun 11, 2015
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