Last week, Zoe Henry published 6 Savvy Life Hacks From Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, and More. Check our Zoe Henry's insights and 12 other articles you missed last week.

Knowing how to manage chaos is a very valuable startup skill, says Silicon Valley veteran Steve Blank.

3. Meet the Cybersecurity Company Helping Sony Fend Off Hackers
FireEye and founder Ashar Aziz are stealthily making a killing in the new cyberwars.

4. 5 Smart Ways to Take the Loneliness Out of Being a Solopreneur
Working for yourself can feel very, very lonely. But it doesn't have to be.

5 .Malcolm Gladwell's 5 Best Life Lessons for Entrepreneurs
Budding entrepreneurs can learn a thing or two (or three, or four... ) from this master debunker of conventional wisdom.

6. This Crazy Simple Hack Makes You More Creative
A simple change to your day can unleash the creativity you never knew you possessed.

7. GrubHub's Matt Maloney: Still Hungry, Leading a Public Company
The CEO typifies a class of founders who have taken their companies public--but keep them growing with the hunger of a startup.

8. The Most Important Social Media Company You've Never Heard Of
Damien Patton has created a way to find out what is happening anywhere in the world--instantly. The inside story behind Banjo--and the gold rush sure to follow.

9. 6 Savvy Life Hacks From Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, and More
They're at the top of their industries and among the most productive people in the world. How do these execs do it? Check out some of the rituals that rule their days.

10. Tony Robbins's Best Advice for Unstoppable Success
Ordinary Americans are still struggling in the wake of the Great Recession. Find out what you can do to be successful no matter how hard you're financially hit.

11. The Centuries-Old Buffalo Recipe Transforming a Troubled Community
The buffalo was once everything to Native Americans. On a reservation in South Dakota, a healthy-snack company believes it can be again.

12. 5 Tips for Women on Getting Ahead in Business
Take it from this successful CEO--you can't have everything. But you can be smart about your choices.

13. How This Fitness Entrepreneur Won Over Blake Griffin and LeBron James
Hyperice founder Anthony Katz turned his own aches and pains into a recovery tool now used by the biggest athletes in the world.

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