Last week, John Warrillow commemorated the life of recently deceased author and business theorist, Thomas J. Stanley, with his article: 7 Winning Habits of Millionaires. If you'd like more about how to set yourself and your business up for success, you might also enjoy 10 Simple Steps to Build a $5 Million Business. It's based on my own personal experiences with building Likeable Media. Here's John's article and 14 others you missed last week.

1. Do You Have to Be Crazy to Become an Entrepreneur?
Being wired differently is a definite help.

2. Good News for the Easily Distractible
Your inability to focus might be frustrating, but it may come with a significant upside, according to a new study.

3. Meet Edo Segal, the Willy Wonka of Tech
He has eliminated nearly every obstacle between dreaming up his ideas and making them happen. But how long can his magic last?

4. Behold: The Quantified Baby
The movement-tracking, data-caching quantified-self movement now wants to crawl into your baby's crib. To snuggle with him while he's sleeping. And get into his diapers. Seriously.

6. Retiring Google CFO Offers a New Model for Success
Patrick Pichette has banked enough to step away from the workplace tether. Now, he is going to do exactly what he wants.

7. 10 Selfless Ways to Build Good Karma and Generate Happiness
Want to do well by doing good? Add these kinds of activities to your life every day.

8. 7 Winning Habits of Millionaires
The author of 'The Millionaire Next Door' died last Saturday in a car crash. His legacy is an understanding of how many wealthy business owners think and act differently from what we might expect.

9. Quirky's Ben Kaufman on Building Factories and Finding Giant Partners
The founder of the crowdsourced design company explains what small businesses can learn from megacorporations--and urges entrepreneurs to do more manufacturing.

10. Need an Alligator Head? This Guy Can Hook You Up
Forget the beads. Nothing says New Orleans like a preserved alligator head

11. How Do You Deal With the Guilt That Comes With Firing an Employee?
It can be tough to let an employee go, no matter how justified the decision.

12. The 5 Most Profitable Industries in the U.S.
Fantasy sports services and online surveys haven't been around long, but the margins in these sectors blow away other those in other industries. Here's why.

13. 7 Critical Skills That Predict Success
If you want to succeed in life, psychologists have figured out the skills you'll need. Since knowing is half the battle, see how you're doing and where you need to improve.

14. Learn Why Lazy People Are the Best Hire for Your Company
It seems counterintuitive, but often the team members who seem the laziest are the smartest and most efficient. Convert them into a secret weapon.

15. What You Can Learn From Jeff Bezos's Sleep Habits
Losing sleep because you're burning the midnight oil? You're doing it wrong. Listen to how one top entrepreneur kept his mind sharp by fine-tuning his sleep habits.

Now it's your turn. Which of these articles did you like? Which did I miss? Tell me in the comments section below.