Seventy years ago today the State of Israel was founded. While Israel is always full of political controversy, especially with President Trump's decision to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, it has managed to also become quite the hotspot for technology startups. 

In its short lifespan, Israel has evolved from a vulnerable, weak and resource deficient country to a thriving, democratic and innovative state. Israel, also known as the Startup Nation, is advancing the world with technological inventions, ranging from drip irrigation and water creation technology to autonomous driving and breakthrough medical advancements.  

The country has the highest amount of startups per capita in the world, and is a leader in autonomous driving, cybersecurity, enterprise software, clean tech and digital health. With thousands of startups, hundreds of investors, dozens of accelerators and many other resources, the Israeli technology ecosystem continues to grow and produce outsized success. Here are 70 Israeli startups that make Israel proud on its 70th anniversary of independence:


Cedato - this programmatic operating system for modern video offers publishers and advertisers a SaaS-based video tech-stack.

Connatix - a native video syndication and monetization platform for publishers.

Playbuzz - offers brands the ability to author, distribute and monetize interactive stories.

Perion - delivers data-driven online advertising and search solutions to brands and publishers.

PLYmedia - a performance-based ad exchange platform for ad networks.

Taboola - a content discovery platform that helps consumers find content they may like, assists publications with monetization, and helps brands offer engaging ad content.


3PLW - a company that turns livestock manure, food waste and fertilizer runoff into bioplastics.

AgriTask - software for farmers that collects data based on imagery, climate and sensors - and spits out insights that helps farms increase and estimate yield, while reducing costs and risks.

Amaizz - creates products that optimize drying, refrigeration and storage of food so that losses and health risks are minimized.

Biofeed - this company creates technology that keeps bugs away from plants, without needing to use pesticides.

Groundwork BioAg - this bio agriculture startup helps cover land across the globe with mycorrhizae, which causes plants to better absorb nutrients.

HomeBiogas - a household system that turns organic waste into cooking gas or liquid fertilizer.

Prospera - this digital farming system helps growers transform their businesses into smart, digital entities.

Taranis - a precision agriculture intelligence platform that helps reduce disease, predict weather and increase yield.

Trellis - offers AI powered crop predictions that help ensure quantity, quality, supply schedule, and price predictability.

Automotive 2.0

Argus - an advanced security product that protects vehicles, fleets and dealerships from vehicular hacks and attacks.

Autotalks - a vehicle-to-vehicle communication platform that lets cars talk to each other.

Gett - this on-demand mobility company offers ridesharing, courier services and other transportation offerings.

Innoviz - creates autonomous driving technologies including smart 3D sensing, sensor fusion, and accurate mapping and localization.

Mobileye - a vision-based hardware and software system that enables cars to drive autonomously and safely with the use of AI and deep learning.

Nexar - a smartphone app that detects dangers on the road by analyzing video in real time.

Oryx - a microscopic antenna that receives light signals and helps autonomous vehicles see further and better.

Otonomo - this marketplace for car data allows auto manufacturers, mobility service providers and application developers to share and integrate data.

Regulus - enables autonomous vehicles to operate smoothly, without interference to their sensor suite, communication channels and mission data.

Vayyar Imaging - a 3D imaging technology that can see through almost any object or material.

Via - this real-time ridesharing app enables riders to carpool and get where they need to go more affordably.


Aperio Systems - this company protects critical infrastructure and industrial assets against cyber attacks.

BufferZone Security - an endpoint security solution that protects enterprises from advanced threats including zero-day, drive-by downloads, phishing scams and APTs.

Claroty - a set of technologies that protect industrial control networks from cyber vulnerabilities.

Deep Instinct - this company applies deep learning and AI in order to detect and protect against malware.

Illusive Networks - a product that plants false information to deceive cyber attackers and lure them into traps.

Imperva - protects cloud and on-premise applications and databases from cyber threats.

SenseCy - combines human intelligence (HUMINT) and web intelligence (WEBINT) to bring Cyber Threat Intelligence to businesses.

Team8 - a cybersecurity think tank and investment firm that creates cyber companies.

Enterprise Tech

ControlUp - an IT management platform that leverages wisdom of the crowd and big data to help IT departments reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

JFrog - offers an array of open-source software tools that help developers with distribution and code management.

Kryon - this company develops software robots to help enterprises automate and be more efficient.

Lightico - a sales impact platform that helps teams close more deals and sell more effectively.

Monday - a team management platform that helps businesses manage projects, milestones and deadlines.

OptimalPlus - this big data analytics company helps electronics manufacturers reduce defects and improve quality.

Shiperd - a cloud-based shipping management solution for importers and exporters.


dLocal - this company helps businesses in developed countries accept payments securely from customers in emerging markets, from Latin America to China, India and Eastern Europe.

Coin Sciences - creator of MultiChain, an open source platform that helps organizations build and deploy blockchains.

Pango - a parking spot finder and payment platform.

Payoneer - a cross-border payments platform that makes it easy to get paid by businesses and professionals.

The Junction - an accelerator for Israeli startups, helping them raise money, access workspace and receive mentorship.

Tipalti - this accounts payable platform helps companies automate their entire payments operation.


Gigya - this customer identity management platform helps businesses turn unknown online visitors into known, loyal customers.

Kenshoo - a platform that delivers data to brands in order to help them make smarter marketing decisions.

Leadspace - this audience management platform uses AI to help businesses find and convert their ideal customers.

Optimove - a relationship marketing platform that leverages insights to deliver personalized customer marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

Propel - a smart CRM for PR that helps public relations teams, both agency and in-house, gain actionable insights and make better decisions.

SimilarWeb - offers research and insights that give users knowledge about websites and mobile apps.

StartApp - a mobile insights company that helps app developers understand user behavior, preferences and intents at a specific and actionable level.

Tailor Brands - an automated branding agency using AI to create everything from logos to business' social presence.

Medical & Health

19Labs - offers a comprehensive Point of Care solution for healthcare, enabling individuals anywhere to diagnose, communicate and treat.

Beyond Verbal - a technology that analyzes a user's voice in order to gather insights on personal health, well-being and emotional state.

Biop Medical - this company has developed a medical device that monitors uterine cervix tissue, in order to detect abnormalities such as cancer.

CollPlant - a company that 3D bio-prints tissues and organs for the use of regenerative medicine.

OrCam Technologies - leverages the power of "artificial vision" to help blind people become more independent.

Socky - an app that helps children with Autism to communicate, learn and become increasingly independent.

Telesofia - a platform that enables patients to receive personalized healthcare videos from their doctors and care providers.

UpRight - an app that helps individuals improve posture, strengthen back muscles and feel better.

Zebra Medical Vision - uses artificial intelligence to read medical scans and automatically detect anomalies.


Desalitech - a water purification system that uses reverse osmosis and brings cost-effectiveness to water operations.

Fluence - a company that offers solutions around the globe to wastewater treatment, desalination and water reuse.

Lishtot - this water quality testing device, which is the size of a keychain, can detect contaminants such as E. coli, mercury and chlorine in a couple of seconds.

TaKaDu - collects data that is used to inform water utilities about infrastructure problems - such as leaks, technology errors and bursts - in real time.

Utilis - a leak detection company that helps utilities discover and fix fresh water leaks quickly, through the use of satellites, and thereby save massive amounts of water.

WaterGen - cutting-edge technology that creates clean and fresh drinking water by extracting it directly from the air.

What startups are you most excited about? Are there any that you're following that aren't on this list? What industry is the most promising? And what is it about Israel that promotes so many startups? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the Comments below.