As the last full work week of December races by, here are 11 of the best articles you missed last week.

High stakes. False identities. Cloak-and-dagger tactics. What some founders did to score their Web addresses.

You may be thinking, "How can I come up with that next big idea?" Jonathan Swanson, the co-founder and president of Thumbtack, created a rigorous process to come up with world-changing ideas.

Startups should view the recent leak of Sony executives' salaries as an opportunity to reinvent workplace culture. Making pay transparent to employees is one way to start.

A chance meeting with a business owner totally changed my life. Here's what he taught me.

Germany may pass an anti-stress law. But honoring workers' personal lives is already part of its small-company DNA.

Easy? No. Quick? No. Counterintuitive? Yes. And effective.

Want to take your business to the next level by hooking a big fish on 'Shark Tank'? Here are 100 tips for how to pitch Mark Cuban and the rest of the sharks and win a deal for your company.

Do you depend on others' opinions because you lack confidence in your own?

Trust what these leaders say about good leadership. They are experts on the topic.

When this online loan marketplace goes public, it's expected to raise up to $1 billion. But can it really help startups disrupt the staid old banking industry?

Listening to typical startup advice would have cost these entrepreneurs millions.

Now it's your turn. Which article did you like most? Did I miss any? Tell me in the comments section below.


Published on: Dec 15, 2014