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00:11 Dave Kerpen: So, a lot of businesses tell me that they're struggling with how to use Twitter to actually find customers. And the good news is, you absolutely can use Twitter to find prospects and new customers. There's a couple of really good ways. One is using Twitter's search mechanism. And another is going through your competitor's followers. Let's take a look live at these examples in action.

00:36 Kerpen: So, let's say, you're a marketing consultant. Go to and type in the words, "need marketing consultant" And you'll see everyone that's actually tweeting right now that they need a marketing consultant. For instance, five hours ago, Stephanie Reynolds tweeted, "I'm in need of an affordable, quality, personal branding consultant." She's actually looking to hire you, right now.

01:03 Kerpen: Let's say, you're a search firm, a recruitment firm in San Francisco. And so, you only wanna see the conversations in San Francisco. Go to and type the words, "we are hiring". And then you'll type in, "San Francisco" under the places category and search. And now, these are all the companies that are hiring right now. So, if you're a recruitment firm, it would be worth it to talk to Circa, Samasource, and Payam. And don't try the hard sell, simply respond to them and join the conversation.

01:45 Kerpen: Now, let's take a look at the last way to find prospects on Twitter. Let's say, you're a social media firm and you wanna check out Likeable Media 'cause we're one of your competitors. Go to and click on our followers. And you can take a look at the people that are most recently following Likeable. Who knows? Maybe they are looking for social media help that you could provide. So, the bottom line is, there are customers right now that need you on Twitter. You just have to know how to search for them.

Published on: Aug 1, 2013
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