Video Transcript

00:10 Dave Kerpen: One of the cooler features on Facebook for small business owners is taking out Facebook ads to target your audience. There's a line in The Social Network, "You know what's cooler than a million dollars? A billion dollars." Well, my spin on that with Facebook ads in targeting is, "You know what's cooler than reaching a billion people on Facebook? Reaching the right 1,000 people for your business, or the right 100, or the right 10 or the right one."

00:36 Kerpen: Let's take a look at exactly how to build a Facebook ad. So, from your home page, you click 'Ads Manager' then you click 'Create an Ad'. In this case, I'm gonna do an ad for Likeable Dentists, a new software product that we launched, and I'm only targeting dentists for this. So, I'm gonna scroll down. Facebook is gonna give me some recommended copy. In this case, I might add a little bit more copy, but 'short and sweet' is good with Facebook ads. Now, I'm gonna scroll down to "choose your audience", and I don't need to reach 168 million people, I only need to reach dentists. So I'll put that in to the precise interest category. And now, I'm gonna reach 464,000 people that make much more sense.

01:32 Kerpen: Let's say, I wanted to target just dentists in New York, I could put that in as well. And you can use job titles, or interests, age, gender, geography, all these different categories to target folks. One other category worth looking at is 'friends of connections'. So, if I target just people that are friends already with the people that like Likeable Dentists, then inside the ad unit will be this built-in word-of-mouth endorsement. And inside that ad, that's the most powerful, possible ad that you can run. Whether you're targeting a million people, a 100,000 people, a 1,000, a 100, or just one, Facebook advertising allows you to target the right people for your business.

02:23 Kerpen: As a test, I even took out an ad targeting married, female, 34-year-old employees of Likeable Media. The ad said, "I love you, Carrie." And only my wife, of the billion people on Facebook, only my wife saw it. Good luck on your Facebook ad targeting.