Toxic people in business and life can be very dangerous. Last week, Travis Bradberry made some interesting points on how to deal with them. Here's Travis Bradberry's article and 12 other awesome articles you missed last week.

Learn how to click with people instantly. It is the secret to better relationships in business and in life.

Achieve the most important goals in your business and in your life faster and better than ever.

Avoid these behaviors that can hold you back from success.

Forget 'confidence.' Gen Y wants to know that you care.

Squeezed for time? These applications can help.

This entrepreneur built his chocolate empire using quality materials, great negotiation skills, and a bit of kinky marketing.

From sitting in a yoga pose to bringing a dog in a duffel bag, people have odd ideas of how to land a job.

The co-founder of the T-shirt company learned how to scramble in a pre-social media era.

Every successful startup pitch has one ingredient for success. Without this one ingredient, the pitch might fail miserably.

Knowing how to handle toxic people is instrumental to your success at work and in life.

They practiced relentlessly, they spoke passionately, and they answered the large questions.

Meet Kyle Vogt, the man behind Cruise Automation--which will soon be the first company in America to sell self-driving car technology. Can he gain a toehold in the market before Google and many other behemoths come crashing in?

Want to avoid running your company into the ground? Do these daily things to keep your business healthy.

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Published on: Jan 20, 2015