Web savvy businesses have touted the immense marketing potential of the visual social media channel Pinterest since its inception, and today those expectations are coming to maturity. Pinterest's smart visual format is extremely viral, a natural engine for building brand and product recognition. In short, successful pins lead to desirable sales revenues.

According to recent studies and statistics the average Pinterest shopper spends $140 to $180 per order, and each pin returns around $0.78 in sales and an average of two site visits, six page views, and more than 10 re-pins. While the pervasive benefits of marketing on Pinterest are clearly alluring, it requires a campaign capable of rising above the dense flow of traffic on the channel. If you are sold on the positives of Pinterest and are ready to buy in, consider these strategies to ensure your campaign delivers the best bang for your buck.

1. Invest in the Creative Process
Any social media post has the potential to go viral, but that doesn't mean anyone can consistently create viral pins. Businesses serious about gaining real traction on Pinterest must develop an impactful campaign that achieves a rich visual concept - one that pops off the screen. While it may be in your best interest to contract outside support for photography and design, try calling on the talent, expertise, and creative input of your existing team to develop winning concepts. These concepts should embody your brand image and echo your greater marketing mission.

2. Shoot For Optimal Engagement
The Pinterest user experience is high on engagement and your campaign should be too. Think of Pinterest as a one-on-one sales opportunity with a willing and eager customer, only you're going in opposite directions on an escalator - your only window to make a pitch being the moment you pass each other by. That means you not only need to create a pin with powerful visual appeal, but you must also optimize content to achieve at-a-glance engagement.

Whether your pin is a product image or entry to a sweepstakes, think of the single frame as an opportunity to tell a story with images and words. Make things easy for your audience by concisely delivering the information they want and need - the what, why, where, when, and how - and give them a lightning fast way to take action. Most of all, strive to create pins with immense visual appeal so that users are proudly inspired to share them to their pin boards for all their friends to see.

3. Keep Your Campaigns Fresh and Seasonal
Pinterest is a social channel that core users tend to habitually access on a daily basis. Ongoing campaigns building a presence on Pinterest often seek to capitalize on what is hot right now - or better yet, predict it. They jump quickly on emerging trends while making transitions with the seasons, strategically building up to the holidays and events that highlight the retail calendar. Having a thoughtfully developed plan and publication schedule extending months in advance is a fundamental operational technique to efficiently manage social campaigns. To maximize ongoing engagement, however, leave room for flexibility so you can tailor your message to maintain an in-the-moment feel.

4. Study Best Practices
When it comes to Internet marketing, whether you are talking about social media, SEO, or email, the most effective way to achieve progressive, sustainable results while maintaining cost-effectiveness is to consistently take care of the small details that factor into the big equation. While from a final creative standpoint it can pay to blaze a unique path, businesses looking to optimize ROI should make a study of the research and expert advice that help continually define Pinterest best practices.

From using keywords to optimize pin descriptions and board titles to learning the visual elements that are commonly present in the most popular pins, make it your business to understand the fundamental strategies others have been successful with and identify promising new techniques being developed every day. Bring your team together on a regular basis to share new ideas as well as what you've learned by watching the competition, and always take a step back to scrutinize your work for an objective view of its effectiveness.

5. Put Faith in Analytics
Analytics are the skeleton key for unlocking marketing efficiency on Pinterest. They provide insight into forming a winning strategy, making adjustments to your message and methods, and measuring the potential of your campaign. Through analytics marketers can discover which pins and boards are currently trending, identify and capitalize on industry trends before they go mainstream, and gauge their own ability to drive traffic, increase engagement, and convert customers.

Like most social channels, Pinterest is a gold mine for collecting the type of information that helps you better understand what makes your customers tick, while also providing a more realistic picture of yourself. By putting faith in the power of analytics you can continually fine-tune your campaign so each action you take results in a progressively greater positive reaction.

Final Thoughts
While research and statistics demonstrate the great potential of investing in visual marketing on social media, a comprehensive approach is required in order to maximize efficiency. By adopting proven techniques and best practices and applying the necessary resources to generate high-quality, engaging material, you can cultivate a proficient campaign that delivers the most bang for your buck.

How are you maximizing your Pinterest campaign?