Video Transcript

00:12 Dave Kerpen: A lot of businesses struggle with how to generate sales in social media. But the problem is they're using old-school marketing techniques and marketing language to generate sales. Fifty years ago, people used advertising and slogans like "Buy now" or "Call us now", very heavy-handed sales messaging. That just doesn't work anymore, especially in social media. Social media is a conversation. So, you've gotta have real authentic communication; communication that doesn't make it sound like it's a business trying to sell you, but just real people talking to you.

00:49 Kerpen: So, instead of hard selling, use authentic communication. Ask questions. Be funny. Let's take a look at an example. Chobani says "Tired of packing PB&J for lunch? We've gotcha covered." Yeah, they're using the word "gotcha". They're using an abbreviation. They're using a contraction. And they don't care because it's natural human language. And that's what works today. So, rather than using hard-selling messaging and language, think about language you can use that really speaks to your audience. What language would resonate with you? That's the language that's gonna be effective in social media.