Vine, Twitter's up-to-six-seconds-video platform, has taken the world by a storm this year, topping over 40 millions users. Today, five tweets per second contain a Vine link. And while some have argued that Instagram video is the more relevant platform for entrepreneurs and brands, there's no doubt that many major brands are leveraging this Twitter-of-video social network.

Here are 10 of the top Vines from brands, with lessons entrepreneurs can learn from each. Happy Vining!

1. Target parodies football with its snacks

What You Can Learn: Leverage what's being talking about on Twitter, such as sports (in this case, #football) and other major live events. Plus, notice how well stop-action photography as many Vines including this one do, and to

2. Samsung uses phone to create summer picnic days


What You Can Learn: While many Vines include audio, it isn't necessary, since many people watch Vines with the sound off anyway. Consider not including audio, and allow viewers to focus instead on the creativity of what they're looking at.

3. Doritos integrates mariachi band into a name-that-tune contest 

What You Can Learn: The fun, creativity and virality of the Vine platform make it an excellent network to run contests, such as this one, as well as giveaways and other brand promotions. Make sure to use a hashtag and seed your contest with some paid promotion on Twitter, as Doritos did.

4. General Electric shows how to turn milk, dish soap and food coloring into art 

What You Can Learn: How-to videos are one of the most popular categories of online video, and Vine is no different. Use the how-to concept as G.E. does here to bring to life recipes, crafts and other do-it-yourself ideas.

5. Nordstrom playfully passes Pumas though phones

What You Can Learn: This creative video leverages two popular Vine techniques: referencing Vine in the video, and creating a loop. Just as people love to share Facebook posts about Facebook and tweets about Twitter, they love to share Vines about Vine, so this concept helps immediately generate virality. The loop concept works because it makes people watch for more than six seconds.

6. Internet Explorer brings its browser updates to life in a series--responsive, fast, modern

What You Can Learn: It's difficult to communicate a great deal in just six seconds of video. That's OK. Check out the next Vine from Microsoft, a series of Vines can communicate more of your message and keep people coming back for more. Be creative and consistent, and you too can pick up momentum on a Vine series.

7. Dove creates a heartfelt message for sharing

What You Can Learn: It's not about your brand or business--it's about how your story makes people feel. For years, Dove has done a great job inspiring women through advertising and social storytelling, and this Vine is another way it continues to inspire. Create a message that you know will resonate with many people, and use Vine to ask people to share it.

8. Taco Bell uses Vine to announce a product launch

What You Can Learn: If you have a product launch or other huge company news, you can use a Vine to make that announcement in a super creative way.

9. Oreo Snack Hack just one of many Vines 

What You Can Learn: While this is a cute and clever Vine from Oreo, it's just one of many Vines this iconic brand creates and shares on a regular basis. The takeaway is clear: Just as in other social networks, it's more important to be consistent in the creation of and sharing of content than it is to put all of your eggs in one basket.

10. Progressive "rate suckers"

What You Can Learn: This vine is very wacky--something many brands and small businesses have a tough time pulling off. But when you have only six seconds to tell a story and make a lasting, shareable impression, the wackier, more "out there," more shocking you are, the more likely you'll have a hit video on your hands. Think out-of-the-box--no, better yet, destroy the box, and you'll optimize your chances of massive numbers of people seeing your Vine.

These 10 Vines from brands teach entrepreneurs how to use this new social network successfully. What are your favorite Vines, and why?