Hubspot launched the #SummerStartup competition, a contest offering anyone $100,000 and the opportunity to quit their job and start their own business.

The marketing corporation invited the public to pitch their business ideas in 25 words or less in the comments of the Facebook announcement post.

Over three million views later, 14,000 people commented. The responses ranged from fascinating proposals to strident warnings of the dangers of sharing IP publicly.

Whether you believe sharing ideas is right or not, the insightful entrepreneurs who chose to reveal their light bulb moments with us are an inspiration.

Combing through the hundreds of Facebook comments, I picked out the top thirty and cited the authors below.

Here are 30 of the most interesting business idea pitches:

"In 25 words or less" (not everyone follows the rules... entrepreneurs?)

1. The 5-in-1 "winner"

This first one is the #1 comment on the post, probably because he managed to include five business ideas in less than 25 words. Brilliant.

"Earthquake proof office chairs
Predictive horns for cars for putting together Ikea furniture
Wearable fog machines
Bubble prediction algorithms"

-- Ste Hughes

2. A traveling mobile education system

"I want to start a mobile school that visits such villages around the year, camps there for a few months & we teach both children & grown ups. Curriculum would include not only basic education but also vocational training, so people can work/earn their living & can fight poverty. Mobile schools-workshops." -- Sagarika Paul

3. Greenhouse prisons producing chefs out of inmates

"Turning prisons into greenhouses, utilizing low-risk prisoners as groundskeepers and gardeners, simultaneously educating them to become chefs as rehabilitation into poverty-heavy cities." -- Bryce Struck

4. "Skill-Swap"

"'Skill-Swap' is a marketplace where people trade services with one another to help achieve their goals. 'I'll build your website if you do my accounting?'" -- Daniel Martin

5. "Rent-A-Swag"

"'Rent-A-Swag'" is a service where I rent out high-end clothing to teens, tweens, and everything-in-between." -- Andyers Kroppfers

6. Try a job before you take it

"A try factory... somewhere you can try different professions without degrees, in real world experiences to see if it fits your life before committing to study/expensive training etc. Not everyone is an academic but people are often overlooked for things they may be skilled at for lack of confidence in them in the industries. Also in the real world people may go through years of study to arrive at a career only to decide they hate it this could help to eliminate that."

7. Replace tombstones with trees

"New type of cemetery that replaces tombstones with trees to lower funeral costs, give back to the environment, and bring new life to death." -- Charlie Haritos

8. Mobile app that lets you talk to a Veterinarian about anything

"My idea is for a veterinary app to speak directly to professionals for any issue. And connect the individual with a vet in their area." -- Levi Loveless

9. Rivvibe "The Hydration Experience"

"An all natural, low sodium, low sugar, anti-inflammatory sports tea. Husband/Wife team with over 15 years professional business experience." -- Brian LaBlanc

10. The Pink Web

"I want to architect and launch the pink web. Everyone has heard of the dark web, this is it's feminine alter ego. The Pink Web will cater to the female audience. It will be an online place for girls and woman to share, contemplate, shop, chat, and plan virtual and concrete girl centric things." -- Nancy Scott

11. A city of tiny houses for the hurting

"To have land where tiny houses are built. It's for people who leave abuse and have nowhere to go. That way when they have no one in their life anymore, there is a safe spot for them to get back on their feet. So they don't have to go back or lose hope." -- Sydney Paul

12. Monthly ethnic dish ingredients subscription

"Receive monthly mystery parcels (w/ ingredients) that will teach you how to cook a totally foreign dish! Every parcel delivered is another hungry mouth fed." -- Gerrah Lei Pamplona

13. Business idea competitions conducted by postcards

"I think the best thing should have been to send the 25 words via mail or DM. There are lots of people who'll come here to steal ideas.... Just saying." -- Idorenyin D'hopess Essiet

14. Adult eSports lounge with alcohol

"My dream business is to open an adult eSports lounge, a safe place for gamers to play video games and enjoy a beverage with friends. Now you may be asking why can't they just play at home, but the point of the lounge is to play on top of the line equipment with an exceptional internet connection that many may not have. Want proof that this can work? Look up PC bangs in Korea... Customers will not pay by the hour like most computer cafes but with ....... I have this entire thing planned out in my head but you have to message me back to get the rest of the information." -- Manny Pagan

15. Panties made out of avocados

"I make panties out of Avocados. I want to turn it into a full-fledged business to combat fast fashion, save the environment and empower women." -- Roberto DaShaun Ortiz

16. Symptom-tracking app for patients with Lyme Disease

"I am interested in developing an app for Lyme Disease to help chronic long term Lyme patients track their symptoms, labs, meds, codisease symptoms, nutritional tracking while on elimination diets... all data fed back to med practice timers to learn what is working during the healing/remission process." -- Lucinda Henry

17. A 3D avatar of you for trying on clothes while shopping online.

"An app that creates a life-like avatar of you, based on photos and measurements, which can virtually try on clothes while shopping online." -- Alex Graham

18. App for moms to find the nearest public bathroom for infant care

"An app for traveling moms that maps the nearest public bathrooms with a changing table and private spaces suitable for breastfeeding/pumping." -- Laura Khurana

19. Website slider that controls political media preferences

"A website add on that is just a slider going from Left -- Centre -- Right so that you can choose which wing of media you want only to be shown." -- Adam Marc Sanderson

20. "Lifelogging: GoPro for everyday life."

"Glasses-like wearable that records and stores everything from birthday parties to business meetings. Forgot where you put your keys? Just check your Lifelog." -- John Manzella

21. A healthy fast food restaurant chain

"Drive-thru chain restaurant based around healthy food. For the millions of people who want to get healthy food as quick and conveniently as McDonalds." -- Kyle Lunt

22. A virtual garden in a box

"I want to produce a website that sells a designer garden in a box. A virtual one with all the materials you need to build a garden, pick a theme which automatically themes your products. Allows you to budget and get design fees!" -- John Smyth

23. "Automatic gardener"

"Takes care of your plant when you're away from home, uses IOT(internet of things) and lets users connect to an app to stay in touch with their plants conditions at all times ensuring optimum growth." -- Sushant Govindraj

24. LinkedIn for sports

"A social app/website that acts like LinkedIn but instead of endorsing people for work, endorsing them for the sports they play. A sports profile, a way to find other players, create teams, etc." -- Ben Gumness

25. "Smart shoes"

"Shoes being able to inversely adjust their temperatures in relation to body temp. For ex: if your body temp is low, your shoes will heat up." -- Milan Lutchmeenaraidoo


"The service simply drops off a remote controlled electric lawn-mower at your property, with a set of corner markers. The purchaser simply puts the markers out to mark their property. The drone operator logs into the mower and slowly mows the property, and can text questions if needed.
-Prox sensors.
-Solar powered and rechargeable.
-360 cameras
-Prox. Safety shut-off
-Drone will be swapped out periodically for maintenance.
-Hassle free, monthly fee." -- Bill Cushman

27. Tinder for creatives

"Find local designers/artists for the work you need done based off of proximity/category. View profiles/portfolios & swipe to contact." -- Cassie Cotto

28. Insurance for animals

"I want to build an insurance company for all animals, if there is life insurance for the human, and the car, then why don't we have insurance for all animals. To protect their welfare and health." -- Roselyn Seballos

29. Yelp for Dogs

"Find dog-friendly places and services (cafes, dog parks, grooming, etc.), make appointments and request quotes for services and rate them." -- Sania Tran

30. Dollar Shave Club for drummers

"Passionate drummers break sticks! We are about to launch a drumstick subscription service (like Dollar Shave Club) that ships high-quality drumsticks to drummers every month." -- Derrick Hicks

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