After apologizing for his recent Twitter meltdown, MVP of the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant, sat down on the TechCrunch Disrupt stage today with his partner Rich Kleiman and revealed how the Durant Company chooses its angel and Series A investments.

The "Wide Eyes" Test

"Our first responsibility is for Kevin to do his job [play basketball]," said Kleiman, noting how scarce Durant's time is. "So I put [pitches] quick to him. In one sentence. If I get the reaction-if his eyes open up-and he gets this excited look on his face... that's the first line of defense."

"Rich tells me what I need to know," said Durant about his partner. Their relationship started when Durant was 18 years old and Kleiman was 30.

"After we first met, we kept in touch, knowing something would happen eventually," said Kleiman. "I'd check in after a game or run into him at an event. When I transitioned from music to sports, my first call was to Kevin. I knew it was a long shot but it was a testament to the trust we'd built up. It was what we always thought would come about, so we hit the ground running."

In the beginning, the team saw its inexperience in Silicon Valley as an asset.

"We knew what we didn't know," said Kleiman, pointing out how several professionals took them under their wing. "But we felt we could identify a good concept. And with angel investing, it's more about finding the right concept and team, less about due diligence, analytics, and metrics."

The duo has been working together for a year, investing angel rounds of $50,000 - $250,000 and Series A placements of $250,000 - $2 million in tech startups like Internet software company Propel, a custom pizza brand Pieology, and Postmates, an on-demand delivery company.

Durant's approach to investing in tech is similar to how he started out on the court.

"I know I'm not the smartest or the strongest right now," said Durant. "But I'm going to do what I did with basketball: learn."

Moderator Jordan Crook ended the interview with a "lightning round" of personal preference questions like Instagram or Twitter, IOS or Android, Xbox or Playstation.

I recorded his live answers (hilarious) in a YouTube video. Worth the minute and 30 seconds.

5 Takeaways from Angel Investor Kevin Durant:

Follow these and maybe your pitch will pass the next "wide eyes" Kevin Durant test.