There are a lot of business books published every year, some 11,000 new tomes of advice hit bookstores this year. That's a lot of reading if you're looking to consume all of them, but what if you're just looking for a few good ideas? What if you just want to know how to have more great ideas yourself?

If that's the case, there are only a few you need to check out. As the author of a book on creativity myself, I can tell you a lot of new books have the same old advice. But a few each year stand out. And each year, the folks at 800-CEO-Read sort through the rough to find the diamonds. (Full disclosure: my newest book was chosen for their long-list in an unrelated category.)

This year, their picks for the best books on innovation and creativity are stellar. Here are their choices (all of which I thoroughly agree with):

So that's 2016's contributions to creativity in a nutshell. Now, you've got some reading to do.