Many of us require years to assemble an impressive resume that demonstrates the scope of our knowledge and experience. We toil through internships, extracurriculars, and entry-level jobs in an effort to reach the top level. And even after successful careers that span decades, a vast majority never strike out on their own and embark on that difficult path of becoming an entrepreneur.

But there are several exceptional children who have already skipped the middle step and gone straight to building and running successful companies. Below are 2017's 10 most remarkable kid entrepreneurs, whose companies and resumes are the stuff of envy.

Looking for that perfect Christmas toy? Look no further. Six-year-old Ryan reviews popular toys on his YouTube channel, and has earned over $11 million in the past year. Yes, you read that right. Six years old. 11 million dollars. After one of his videos went viral, Ryan's channel views skyrocketed and he began earning revenue from toy brands that generate sales through his channel. His youth and charm make him relatable to a younger audience, transforming him into the undisputed king of "pester power."

  1. Moziah Mo' Bridges, Mo's Bows,

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This Memphis native has a flair for style that he turned into a successful business. At 15 years old, Mo started a company manufacturing handmade bowties and neckties, which are sold in his online store and retail outlets. He even recently inked a licensing partnership with the NBA, granting him the rights to create products with the logos of NBA franchises for distribution.

  1. Evan - EvanTubeHD

Another successful toy reviewer, twelve-year-old Evan earns a reported $1.3 million a year through his YouTube channel. His charismatic personality and funny facial expressions have attracted over 1.2 billion page views (yes, billion). His videos include toy reviews, challenge videos, and science experiments.

  1. Mikaila  Ulmer CEO - Me and the Bees

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Most of us have tried our hand at selling lemonade, but twelve-year-old Mikaila has gone above and beyond your typical corner stand. Her lemonade company, Me and the Bees, now sells beverages in Whole Foods across the country, and secured a $60,000 investment on the TV show "Shark Tank." Her business is also an advocate for bee welfare, donating a portion of its earnings to protecting the species.  

  1. Isabel and Caroline Bercaw - daBomb Bath Fizzers

These teen sisters don't spend their nights fighting over the TV remote. Instead, at 15 and 16 years old they operate a multimillion dollar bath bomb company. Started when the girls were just 10 and 11 years old, daBomb Bath Fizzers sells handmade bath bombs that fizz and release essential oils and fragrances, turning your bath into a luxurious spa. These "sisterpreneurs" sell their product in over 320 stores in 38 states.   

  1. Quincy Faye and Laurice - Kids' Toys

Another dynamite pair of sisters, Quincy Faye and Laurice publish toy review videos to their 2.5 million YouTube subscribers every week. The Philippines-based sisters have garnered 2.9 TRILLION views in their 4+ years on YouTube.

  1. Ethan Gamer - Ethan Garner

Toy reviews aren't the only successful YouTube niche. Ethan Gamer's kid-gaming channel broadcasts to nearly 1.8 million subscribers. Ten-year-old Ethan is best known for playing Roblox, Minecraft, and mobile games while his audience watches, drawn in by his genuine enthusiasm for gaming. This British success story has earned a reported $1.8 million in sales to date.  

  1. Cory Nieves - Mr. Cory's Cookies

Most of us have fond memories of baking cookies with Mom. But 13-year-old Cory wasn't content eating those cookies by himself. He started Mr. Cory's Cookies at age 5, and in the past eight years, the company has grown exponentially. Mr. Cory's Cookies was featured on the Ellen Show, as well as an upcoming special episode of The Profit.

  1. Asia Newson - SuperBusiness Girl

Detroit-based Asia began buying candles and reselling them at age 5. She started recruiting other kids to help sell them door to door, and her business quickly grew. Today, the thirteen-year-old produces her own candles, and is projected to earn $100,000 in revenue in 2017. She even made an appearance on the Ellen Show.  

  1. Abby Kircher - Abby's Better

It's amazing what one, bored 15-year-old can accomplish. Abby Kircher created her own nut butters while at home one day, and soon turned her creations into a business. Now her company manufactures and sells several unique flavors, such as Date Pecan, Coconut Cashew, Honey Almond, Strawberry Cashew, and Coffee Almond. Abby's Better entered into a distribution agreement with Whole Foods in early 2017.