A few days ago I wrote about finding the hidden opportunities within the Coronavirus pandemic and it resonated with so many of you. None of us wanted this to happen, but as business owners it's in our DNA to come up with innovative ways to serve our customers during this time of crisis. 

I recently asked in our Maui Mastermind Facebook community, what opportunities our business coaching clients were seizing during this time and the stories were both inspiring and impactful. So, I wanted to share some of my favorites with you today. 

"I have always thought that there was a more modern way to run the sales and admin portion of a home remodeling company. As a younger person in the industry, I constantly look for new tools and apps to make our life easier, but never have the time to implement them. Coronovirus forced us to rethink the way we work - including virtual sales consultations as well as running our business remotely. Not only have we made the switch, but our team has managed to perform all of their functions without being in the office, including our sales team designing and closing projects without ever being in someone's house.  I could not be more proud of the resilience they have shown, despite having to relearn the way we work" -- Jesse Kreisman, VP, Alco Products Inc

"When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit we knew we would experience a reduction in income and our clients would be in trouble. We saw an opportunity to reach out to many of our clients and ask them how they were doing, what we could do to help, and let them know we would be reducing their regular monthly fees to lessen their burdens. Most of our clients are in the food industry and are still experiencing full closures so this will not produce a monetary pay off in the short-term, but it has further strengthened our relationships with our clients and I truly believe will pay off down the road." -- Amber León, Founder, Pear Accounting Solutions, Inc

"Since we have always operated as a cash-based medical office providing primary care for patients, we have been able to fill a need for people losing their jobs and thus losing their insurance benefits. By offering this cost-effective membership plan, families have peace of mind and access to a primary care doctor to get them through this pandemic without having to worry about insurance. Patients who had never thought about this model of medicine in the past are now extremely grateful!" --Dr. Kristen Bishop, Keystone Natural Family Medicine

"During these challenging times Southside is expanding our already popular Fried Chicken Friday offering from once a month to every week.  In addition, we are going to begin adding an additional day for take-out for families who need more delicious fresh food options.  In the past, we were concerned having the offering too often would take away the magic but since we launched we are selling out every week!" -- Irma Robinson, CoFounder / COO, Southside Cafes 

"I knew that eventually I would have to offer more classes online for our students. But I have always been busy with day-to-day operations and my family priorities, so nothing has been done. When both of my businesses were closed by the State, I had to get creative very quickly. I am fortunate I didn't really have to look for the solution, as I had the plan to expand all along. It has always been in the back of my mind: I just had to make things happen. Of course, it will take time to build a true online presence. But in the sink or swim scenario, I am learning to swim, and eventually I will make it." -- Olga V. Khamichonak, President, Blooming Minds Academy

So I want to pose the question to you, how can you find opportunity in the current situation? How can you use this time to strengthen your business and service your clients in a new and innovative way?