As a business coach for the past 25 years, I have helped thousands of business owners reach their full potential. They often come to me frustrated, overworked, and anxious about the future. Together we find ways that help them create an owner-independent business that is able to scale quickly and efficiently. The secret- these 6 words. 

1. No. 

Want to stop putting out fires? Want to regain control of your time? Say no. It's a beautiful word.

No, I will not be able to make it to the conference. No, I don't have time for a quick call. No, I will not be attending your webinar. No, I am not interested in the product that you are selling. No, no, no, no. 

As an entrepreneur, we have the tendency to be perfectionists. You are always thinking about what is left to do and how you can improve on your current progress. This type of thinking can hinder your ability to spot and celebrate your victories. In order to grow this year, take the time to spot a success and celebrate it. Keep a journal and share your victories together with your team. 

3. Draft.

Too many business people let fear of failure, or a misplaced desire to be perfect, keep them from even getting started. I learned years ago that creating a final report might be tough, but heck, I can get a draft of that report done... I can do a draft of that new Inc. article... I can do a draft of that new sales script...

It is liberating when you use that word "draft" because it gives you permission to do it less than perfect. Of course, we all know that once you have that draft, coming up with your edited and finished version is much easier and more doable. So just do a draft.

4. Why. 

Think that a project or task is worth doing? Ask yourself why, before you commit. Asking why, will force you to challenge a meeting, task or project to make sure that it is worth your attention. Oftentimes you may decide that it is indeed worth the attention, but maybe it is better suited for someone else on your team. 

5. Now. 

Another side effect of that perfectionism that we all suffer from -- is procrastination. Putting off a task or project doesn't make things easier. In fact, it often makes them more difficult. Train yourself to say "Do It now." Need to make a decision. Do it now, not later. Need to have a tough conversation with a team member. Do it now. 

6. Enough. 

You have worked on your to-do list. You have given your best work. Now, it's time to say enough. You have done enough, you know enough and you are enough to be successful. Turn off your laptop and enjoy your friends and family at the end of the day. 

There is a power in saying enough... Tomorrow I can come back into the office and take another pass at it, but tonight I'm going home to my family. I'll hug them, and talk with them, and savor my time with them... Enough, the work will just have to wait till tomorrow.