When it comes to drop points in your funnel, it's important to know that many of your biggest drop points happen before you even know your customer's name. For the majority of businesses, having a 50%+ drop rate on key pages isn't uncommon and they can go as high as 60-70% if you aren't taking an active role in A/B testing to increase conversions and staying power on your various website pages.

Today I wanted to share some tips and tricks to help tighten up your exit messaging to help increase the number of conversions on your website- all without spending a lot of time or money to do so.

How it Works

At some point in your funnel, your customer decided to say no. That could be on your website, it could be through various nurture emails or perhaps during a live sales call. Wherever they decide to end the relationship, it's up to you to keep the conversation going and draw them back into the fold. How you do it, how you reach your customers and gain their trust is your exit messaging strategy.

Exit Intent Messaging For Your Website

The most well known exit messaging strategy has to do with website popups. You are unable to find what you are looking for, so when you go to close out the browser window a popup opens up that gives you a coupon, or a freebie or another compelling reason to continue your shopping. And while this is a good starting point, you can take it one step further with exit intent emails and retargeting ads. So, not only will you catch them at the pivotal moment when they leave your website but you will be at the forefront as they go about their day, browsing to other websites or in their inbox later that day when they are ready to have another look. The key to finding success is to A/B test every single step of the way. Don't be afraid to tweak your message until you find something that is compelling and works with your audience. 

Exit Intent Over Email

Another place where exit intent strategy can make a big difference is through email. This could be something as simple as abandoned cart emails or things like nurture campaigns where you follow your customer throughout their decision making journey, offering them information and product information along the way. You may also find it helpful to set up follow up emails after a sales call where the sales team didn't end up closing the sale. It may have been a good solution for them, but just at the wrong time. So, continuing the conversation could lead to a sale down the road. Another drop point you may find is when a customer stops engaging with your nurture campaigns or newsletters. Setting up a campaign to reach out and find out what information they would like to receive at this stage in their shopping may help you create a relationship and possibly future sales. 

Exit Intent Through Text Message

The final place that would benefit from a good exit intent strategy is your SMS campaign. Many businesses use text messages to engage their customers and pull them back into the sales funnel. Whether that be through an abandoned cart, a missed sales call or simply on a regular basis to send them information that may have been missed via email. SMS has a lot of powerful possibilities when it comes to your bottom line and increasing your conversion.