Queer Eye: More Than a Makeover season four debuted this weekend on Netflix, and the response has already been overwhelming. With over 15 million followers and growing, the "Fab Five" have hit a nerve. And it's easy to see why. Each episode, we meet a man or woman in need of some help and guidance, people who have somewhere along the way lost themselves. A loved one seeks out the help of the "Fab Five" to get their friend or family member back on track, and then, over the course of a week, they begin to turn their lives around and see their true potential. 

It's a tearjerker, for sure.

As a business coach, I see this kind of transformation every day. While we may not have a slew of cameras following us around, the change is very real and impacts not only the business owners' lives but everyone around them.

So what I would like to see is a Queer Eye: Business Edition

Culture (a.k.a. the invisible hand)

The producers would open the episode with some candid conversations with your employees and team members. Do they feel the need to work long hours? Do they feel micromanaged? Do they feel empowered to create change and value within the business? 

Your company culture is the hidden hand that shapes your team's behavior, so they can effectively handle those situations that by their nature are ambiguous or nuanced. And Karamo Brown would not only get a feel for what the company culture was like, but would then help the business owner realize that if done correctly, a company's culture can actually help you grow and scale while empowering your team. 

Food & Wine (a.k.a. how to wow your customers)

Next up, our business owner would spend time with Antoni discussing packaging, presentation, marketing, and brand design. Together they would hone in on what the business owner really excelled at and use that to build a brand image that would help them grow and scale. It's all about presentation and passion. 

Design (a.k.a. form and function)

They would then turn your attention to Bobby Berk, who would help our business owner get organized. Now, we aren't talking about storage solutions here, we are talking about systems and controls. 

When you build a business versus a job, you want your team to have the authority to get tasks done without running everything past you. You need them to exercise their judgment and use their discretion.

But you also need to empower them with the feedback, ground rules, and double-checks they need to do their best work. This is where business controls come into play and are essentially the "foundation" for a thriving business. It's all about form and function. 

Grooming (a.k.a. self care)

Jonathan Van Ness would then enter the picture with questions like, "When was the last time our business owner took a vacation?" Spoiler alert, it's been far too long. So, he would go over the importance of stepping away from your business regularly to reflect on your progress and to make time to connect with your friends and family. He would probably also point out the importance of eating better and getting exercise. 

Fashion (a.k.a looking and dressing the part):

Last, Tan France would go through the business owner's wardrobe, which would be full of jeans, cargo shorts, and a variety of T-shirts and polos with logos from conferences and business events. Tan would point out that while you don't have to wear a three-piece suit to work everyday, there is something to be said for feeling good about yourself and looking the part. Even if you ditch the logo shirt once or twice a week, you will begin to feel more like a leader and less like a worker bee. 

So there we have it Netflix, the outline for a great new series.