Market value isn't just allocated to corporations like Amazon or Google. We can use that framework to analyze how valuable we as individuals are in our current career path. Our perceived market value should be at the forefront of our minds in order to quickly adapt to the inevitable changes that occur.

The makeup of the personal market value consists of three rings, like a bullseye. The rings are immediate friends and family, personal acquaintances, and professional colleagues. You may think that your market value is heavily based on your professional colleagues. You can get more business, expand your network, and swap ideas with those in your field. However, that is the outer ring: the one farthest away from the core. What may come as a surprise is that your core will actually consist of people much closer to home, if not living in it.

Your center ring needs to be a nurturing ecosystem. Our close and vital relationships, typically our friends and our family, help build our resilience when we face the workday's pressures.

Our homes need to be stable and loving. When there is chaos at home, it is harder to leave its problems at the office door (or be heard in the background of a Zoom call). Our unstable home lives will always spill over in our professional lives.

Our spouse, specifically, shape how we feel. They boost our confidence and care for us when we are struggling. Their presence and attitude will have a direct influence on our workplace performances.

Having strong friendships outside of the home is just as essential. These are the people you can blow off steam with and get different perspectives from. They can tell you how it is with compassion and love because they understand that your success is their success. These intimate influences help you focus on your inward development and push you to become a better person. The authenticity of personal friendships nurtures our mental health, our confidence, and our innovation.

Talk to any extraordinary business owner or executive and most are going to thank their spouses, friends, and family members for their support. When we are loved and supported, we excel farther.

Take note of the people in this category that bring you down. The pressure of your work life is intense, and it naturally creates anxiety. You can't spend time with people who are negative or complainers. They will harm your psyche.

I take the Jerry Maguire business model approach: create more real and meaningful relationships even if they are fewer. When you have fewer but deeper relationships, they can become a personal board of advisers. In contrast, a bunch of acquaintances might write you off.

If this area needs cleaning up, actively work on elevating it today. Choose your friends and colleagues wisely. Look for authentic individuals that you can be vulnerable with and keep the fake people at a distance. If you don't have a solid footing to stand on, it won't be easy to achieve your career goals.

We don't want to ignore the importance of your personal and professional ring. But, to fully succeed, you do need a strong foundation across three areas. This balance will encourage your ability to confidently invest in your education, relationships, and future opportunities. However, neither your personal nor professional focus matters if you don't have a core foundation to stand on. You can't build a house on quicksand. Focus on getting this part right by investing in supportive family and friends.