There are many things in life that are fixed--things that you cannot control. It's easy to worry about these things, but much more productive to focus on aspects of your life that you can control. As you embark on the new year, remember these 10 tangible actions you control that will increase your fulfillment and performance.

  1. Be Persistent: if you don't put in your full effort you will never know if you could have made it. That little bit of extra persistence could be just what you needed to break through.
  2. Keep a Positive Attitude: your attitude and a "can do" attitude will go a long way towards helping you succeed, not to mention inspiring others to rally around you.
  3. Give to Others: research has shown that long-term benefits of giving. Take some time out to help others and give back.
  4. Remove Negativity: there are people that will constantly look to bring you down. Shy away from these people if they aren't willing to be a positive influence.
  5. Increase Your Energy: sleep, exercise, and diet are all essential to positive wellbeing. Research has shown that performance tends to increase in tandem with energy.
  6. Ask for Feedback: you must receive objective input on how you are doing. It is very difficult to course correct and improve your performance without it.
  7. Prioritize and Set Goals: don't overcommit or get bogged down in meaningless activity. Set clear goals to serve as a guide for your focus and prioritization.
  8. Focus on the Basics (little things): it's easy to overlook the little things, but these matter. Get the little things right you will have a chance to do something big.
  9. Leave Your Comfort Zone: when you are too comfortable you become complacent. Break out of your comfort zone and you will be amazed at what you can do.
  10. Be Humble: don't take yourself too seriously; respect others and recognize that you will accomplish more through listening to and lifting up others.