There has been a frenzy of interest in Bitcoin as its value has soared over the last year. The pace of growth and change with cryptocurrencies has been nearly impossible to keep up with. Warren Buffet famously said "Never invest in a business you cannot understand," which seems to apply to many when it comes to Bitcoin. Despite this the growth has led to tremendous interest in investing in it. For those that did early on there could be a temptation to sell now while it is at an all-time high. 

The Winklevoss twins have no such intentions. Despite advice to do otherwise, they took their Facebook settlement in stock instead of cash. This of course turned out to be a great decision given Facebook's growth. They are also going into uncharted waters with Bitcoin and intend to ride it indefinitely. 

Tyler Winklevoss said "We still think it is probably one of the best investments in the world and will be for the decades to come and if it's not, we'd rather live with disappointment than regret." It's an interesting philosophy more broadly than in just investing.

Perhaps you've been thinking about a career change. Would you rather try and be disappointed you didn't get the job than regret not trying? Or maybe you've been hesitant to take a certain risk. I won't provide investment advice, but I do know when it comes to careers more people would be content with disappointment in something not working out than would be if they were only left with regret for not trying.