Imagine standing on the edge of a building and feeling like you could fall off. Next imagine you are standing in front of a group of critical eyes as you share the sales pitch you've been working on for months. Now you can do this and so much more from just about anywhere.

Virtual Reality (VR) is rapidly gaining traction and will disrupt and revolutionize many areas. The ways VR can be used are nearly endless. One of these will soon be how you assess candidates for employment.

Even the best employment tests and processes leave a great margin of error. We've all had a bad hire (or, more often, many), and wonder how we could have missed the signs in the interview. Well, interviews are filled with potential biases and we often hear what we want to. Plus, it's easy for many candidates to talk a great game but not be able to play one.

Now VR will flip the hiring process upside down through replicating real-life scenarios a person might experience at work. Instead of asking a candidate how they have done something in the past (or would in the future), you can watch live and see how they would perform in that exact situation.

It might be immersing a candidate for an executive level role in a board meeting and seeing how they respond to scenarios; it could be asking the person to introduce themselves to their new team or give someone difficult performance feedback; it might be answering questions from analysts.

It could even be something more basic like identifying where a hotel room might be made cleaner or responding to a question from a customer. You might be asked to demonstrate your problem-solving skills by manipulating virtual tiles into a certain pattern. The list of realistic scenarios that could be made using VR is nearly endless.

Plus, all of this can be tracked and recorded. The hiring team can then review the candidate as a group and discuss their collective reactions. All of this will be significantly more accurate than interviews and online tests, leading to better job performance and retention.

So get ready. How will you use VR to improve the quality of the employees you hire in your organization?